Ghost Stories From The Old West



Ghost Cowboy

Ghost Cowboy

Black Jack Ketchum Lives On!

Buffalo Ranch in Genesee, CO

The Death Ship of the Platte River

El Muerto – The Headless One of South Texas

Ghost Camels in the American Southwest

Ghost of Armbruster Pike, NV

Ghost of Guney, Eagle Nest, NM

Ghost Town Ghosts in Bannack, MT

The Ghosts of Fort Phantom

Ghosts of the Cripple Creek Mining District

Ghosts of Tombstone

Gilpin County, CO Hauntings

Haunted Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, SD

Haunted Forts of Kansas

Haunted Ivy House Inn in Casper, WY

Haunted St Elmo, CO

Haunted St James Hotel in Cimarron, NM

Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog

Hell Dogs of Eldorado Canyon, NV

History & Haunting of the Navajo County Courthouse

Hollenberg Pony Express, KS

Jesse James Farm, Kearney, MO

Independence, MO Hauntings

La Llorona – Weeping Woman of the Southwest

The Legend of Blackbird Hill, NB

The Legend of Coyote De La Muerte, TX

Legend of Silver Heels, Buckskin Joe, CO

Legends of Bodie, CA

Monte Vista Hotel, Flagstaff, AZ

The Mysterious Signal

Oatman Hotel, Oatman, AZ

Oregon Trail Ghost, NE

The Phantoms of Vallecito Stage Station, CA

The Phantom Train of Marshall Pass

Red Garter Bed & Bakery – Williams, AZ

Riders of the Desert

The Salt Witch of the Nebraska Plains

Sica Hollow State Park – SD

Sheridan Inn, Sheridan, WY

The Spook of Misery Hill

Tom Cypher’s Phatom Engine


1 thought on “Ghost Stories From The Old West”

  1. You may need to include the appearance and sighting of an apparition of what was believed to be Sam Bass in Dallas, Texas, which led me into research that revealed to me the location of the last place he hid out before going to Round Rock, Texas and being killed there, also this would or may be the place he hid his share of the double eagles.

    It was reported, I may be wrong on the numbers, that they robbed 4 trains and 2 stage coaches, the last respective 2, a train in Allen, Texas and a Stage Coach in Dallas on the main wagon trail that eventually become loop 12 and that is within one quarter mile of the location of the alleged hideout.

    I stumbled on the location when we were teenagers and we “explored” or “went hiking”, which usually meant walking around in the woods and getting high.

    We were on our way to a favorite smoking spot and were cutting through a large, overgrown field and rounded a curve of a small, chalk rock hill and there blocking the trail was a man on a horse.

    Not just any man but an obvious cowboy or someone who thought he was.

    He was wearing a collection of garments that were way out of era.

    He was definitely in the wrong place and he seemed a little confused about it.

    He glared at us like he was glaring at the sun, squinting his eyes like he was trying to see us better when the whole environment reverberated with the whisper of a scream “LEAVE”.

    I felt it more than heard it with my ears.

    I turned to run and saw my friend was already in the lead by several hundred yards and gaining speed.

    We never went back, but I got curious and started doing some research and believe that that is who I saw that day and that we were very near the cave.

    I’m going back in 2 weeks.

    I’ll keep you posted… on the gold… you can have the ghost…

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