Arizona Ghost Towns and Mining Camps

Arizona Ghost Towns:

Bellemont – A Biker Friendly Ghost Town

Bumble Bee Just Never Made It

Canyon Diablo – Meaner Than Tombstone

Chloride, Arizona Ghost Town

Chloride, Arizona Ghost Town

Chloride – Preserving the Past

Clifton – Mining Copper Through Thick & Thin

Fairbank – Dead in the Desert

Fort Bowie National Historic Site

Forts of Arizona

Ghosts of Old Arizona Route 66


Peach Springs



Ghosts of the Cerbat Mountain Range


Mineral Park

Ghost Town Trail

Ruins of school in Gleeson, Arizona

Ruins of school in Gleeson, Arizona




Ghost Town Treasure Tales

Gillett Treasure Trove

Bumble Bee Hidden Cache

Mineral Park

Sonora Gold

Goldfield, Arizona Main Street

Goldfield, Arizona Main Street

Goldfield – Given a Third Rebirth

Goldroad – Gone …. For Now

Jerome – Copper Queen on the Hill

The Ghosts of Jerome

Oatman – A Living Ghost Town

Patagonia Back Road Ghost Towns



Washington Camp



Ruins of Ruby, Arizona Mercantile, Kathy Weiser

Ruins of Ruby, Arizona Mercantile, Kathy Weiser

Mining and Murder in Ruby

Is Ruby, Arizona Haunted?

Sunnyside – A Different Kind of Ghost Town

Tombstone – Too Tough to Die

Two Guns – Death By Highway


Take nothing but photos – leave nothing  but footprints – break nothing but silence – kill nothing but time.

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  1. Miller built the tourist trap of Two Guns using Native Americans, he made it to look like the ruins of a old town with the Apache Death caves as a main feature. Two Guns was named after his two daughters, who were considered a couple of pistols. He also initiated the zoo out in back of the complex. He never lived in a cave or harassed people who approached.

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