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  • Mitch Lee - Outlaw member of the Kit Joy Gang, he was involved in several train robberies in New Mexico before being lynched on March 13, 1884.

  • Pinkney "Pink" Lee (1857-1885) - An outlaw, and member of the Lee Gang in the 1880s who operated in Indian Territory and Cooke County, Texas. He and his brother James were killed on December 7, 18 85 by a posse led by Heck Thomas and Jim Taylor near Dexter, Texas

  • Robert E. Lee - An outlaw and cousin of Harvey Logan, he was a member of the Curry Gang and the Wild Bunch. After he robbed a train in Wyoming on June 2, 1899, he was arrested, imprisoned, and released in February, 1907.

  • Robert E. Lee - An outlaw, he was involved in reconstruction troubles in North Texas after the Civil War. After several confrontations with federal authorities and soldiers, he was killed in ambush in Hopkins County on June 26, 1869.

  • William "Butch” Leland - An outlaw and rustler in New Mexico, he was killed by A.J. Fountain's militia in March 1888.

  • Dan Lemons - A rustler and outlaw who was arrested in March 1880 at Lincoln County, New Mexico.

  • Antonio Lenta - An outlaw aligned with the Clantons, he and served time for killing Hop Lee in 1891.

  • Bill Leonard (18??-1881) - An outlaw and stage robber in Arizona, he was killed by the Heslett brothers in June, 1881.

  • Billy Leroy - An outlaw, he robbed stages and was lynched in 1881.

  • Nashville Franklin "Buckskin Frank" Leslie (1842-1925?) - A friend to the Earps in Tombstone, Arizona and deadly gunman, he killed ten to thirteen men including Mike Killeen and Billy Claibourne in 1881, and claimed to have killed Johnny Ringo. He served eight years in Yuma prison for murder. By 1922, he had disappeared from any records and his place and time of death are unknown.

  • Alexander Lewis - An Oklahoma train robber, he was captured and sentenced to hang. However, upon appeal, he was acquitted.  He was thought by Heck Thomas to be "Captain Jack."

  • Bill Lewis - An outlaw, he stole horses in Parker County, Texas in 1881, and was imprisoned for life for robbing the U.S. Mail.

  • Elmer Lewis, aka: Slaughter Kid; Mysterious Kid - An outlaw, he robbed the bank at Wichita Falls, Texas with Foster Crawford. He was arrested by Marshal W.D. McDonald and hanged by a mob.

  • Ernest White Lewis - A train robber in Indian Territory and a wanted murderer in both the State of Washington and the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, he was captured by Heck Thomas. When he escaped, he was killed by Constable Pussyfoot Johnson.

  • Jim Lewis, aka: Arizona Bill - An outlaw, he attempted to "run the town" of Crested Butte, Colorado, and was killed by Marshal Hatch on September 30, 1881.

  • Marino Leyba - An outlaw, he led a gang of horse thieves and robbers who killed Colonel Charles Potter and was killed in Golden, Colorado.

  • Lee Lian - An Oklahoma outlaw, he was in jail at Guthrie, when Bob Doolin made his escape. He was later re-captured by Heck Thomas.

  • James Andrew "Dick" Liddel (1852-1901) - An outlaw who robbed with Kit Dalton and the James Gang, he turned himself in to Sheriff Timberlake after Jesse James was killed. After serving several years in prison, he died a natural death in 1901.

  • Zachary Light - A gunman and one of the best shots in Mason County, Texas, Light shot and wounded "Judge" Adams. He was later killed by Les Dow in Seven Rivers, New Mexico, when he  attempted to rob him.

  • Del Lockhart - A New Mexico outlaw, he was lynched in October 1881.

  • Harvey Alexander Logan, aka: Kid Curry (1865-1904) - A cowboy and rustler, he participated in many train robberies with the Wild Bunch. He later joined the Black Jack Ketchum Gang. After allegedly killing nine men, he was cornered by lawmen and killed himself rather than be arrested.

  • Lonie Logan (1871-1900) - An outlaw member of the Wild Bunch, and brother of Harvey Logan, he was killed by a posse in February, 1900 in Missouri.

  • William Logwood - A gunman, he shot and killed Juan Chavez y Pino on July 11, 1882 in the Nogal Mountains of New Mexico.

  • John Long - An outlaw, he was wanted for killing Marshal George Wellman in 1892 in Johnson County, Wyoming.

  • Bill Longley; Wild Bill (1851-1878)

  • "Big" Steve Long (18??-1868) - Known mostly as a professional gunman, Long also was a lawman and an outlaw. When outlawry became his main objective in 1868, he was lynched, along with two other men, by a vigilante mob in Laramie City, Wyoming on October 28, 1868

  • William Preston Longley, aka: Wild Bill, Rattling Bill, Tom Jones, Jim Patteson, Jim Webb, Bill Black, Bill Henry, Bill Jackson (1851-1878) - Texas outlaw Bill Longley was from a respectable family, but his hot temper, his fondness for liquor, and unsettled conditions during reconstruction led him to become one of the most daring gunfighters of his day. He is said to have killed 32 persons before he was captured and hanged on October 11, 1878.

  • Harry Longabaugh "Sundance Kid" (1863-1911?) - Best known as the Sundance Kid, he and Butch Cassidy led the notorious outlaw gang, the Wild Bunch. Together with other members of the gang, they performed the longest string of successful train and bank robberies in American History.

  • James Lowe, aka: James West - An outlaw and horse thief, he was lynched in Las Vegas, New Mexico, on February 7, 18 86.

  • Christopher Lowry - A road agent in Montana and thought to have been a member of Henry Plummer's gang of Innocents. He was hanged by Montana Vigilantes

  • Elmer "Chicken" Lucas - Outlaw member of the Bill Cook Gang. After an Oklahoma bank robbery, he was captured and received a fifteen-year sentence in Detroit 's federal prison.

  • Cecilio Lucero - Outlaw member of Vicente Silva's White Caps Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico. After killing Benizno Martinez and Juan Gallegos, he was lynched.

  • Francisco Lucero - An outlaw, he was jailed in 1891 in Clayton, New Mexico.

  • Quinia Lucero - An outlaw, he shot and killed Jose A. Samora on April 20, 1884, in Wallace, New Mexico.

  • Sostenes Lucero - Outlaw member of Vicente Silva's White Caps Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico. With Juan Romero, he shot and killed gang member Antonio Rael.

  • Tomas Lucero - Outlaw member of Vicente Silva's White Caps Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico. He died in the 1940s.

  • Bill Luttrell (18??-1893) - The brother of Charles Luttrell, who had been hanged for his crimes in 1893, Luttrell tried to kill U.S. Deputy Marshal Hiram Eastwood, who he blamed for capturing his brother. Instead, Bill Luttrell was killed by the marshal in June, 1893.

  • Charles Luttrell (18??-1893) - An outlaw, he killed a witness to Sam Sparks's murder in Lee County, Texas in 1880 and robbed a the Missouri-Kansas- Texas train at Pryor Creek, Oklahoma in 1893. He was captured that same year and was hanged after attempting escape several times.

  • Hayes Lyons (18??-1864) - A telegraph man in Montana, Lyons was thought to have been a member of Henry Plummer's gang of Innocents. He was first banished from the area before being later hanged by Montana Vigilantes on January 14, 1864.


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