Gunfighter List

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Hog Davis – A gunfighter, Davis killed Peter Hildreth and was in return shot to death in 1872.

Alfred Day – A gunman in the Taylor faction in the Sutton-Taylor feud and a friend of John Wesley Hardin, he allegedly shot Bill Sutton in the back in 1876. He wrote a book on his life in the 1930s.

Pony Deal (or Diehl) – A former member of the John Kinney Gang, Diehl joined the  Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico’s Lincoln County War. Afterward, he went to Arizona and joined the Clanton Cowboys. He was sought after by Wyatt Earp during the Earp Vendetta Ride but wasn’t found.

Dan Dedrick (18??-1938) – Fought with the Regulators in the Lincoln County War of New Mexico. He later moved to California, where he died in 1938 at Big Bear.

Sam Dedrick – A gunman and rancher in White Oaks, New Mexico, he was a friend of Billy the Kid.

John Denson (18??-1896) – The son of Mary Jane Clements, a sister to Mannie Clements, and cousin to John Wesley Hardin, Denson had a reputation as bad as the rest of the clan.

J. I. Dial – A gunman who allegedly killed a freighter on March 14, 1872, in Mexico. He was later killed near EI Paso, Texas.

John Dodds – New Mexico gunman and companion of Dick Rogers of Raton.

James Joshua Dolan (1848-1898) – One of the primary instigators of New Mexico’s Lincoln County War, James Dolan attempted to control the economy of Lincoln County in the 1870s. He led the Murphy-Dolan faction and was suspected of riding with the posse that killed John Tunstall. He was charged with the murder of H.J. Chapman on February 18, 1879, but nothing came of it.

Ponciano Domingues – A member of Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico’s Lincoln County War. Nothing is known of life following the conflict.

Major A.S. Doran – A gunman and soldier, he killed about ten men and was shot dead in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1888.

Leslie Dow – A gunman and lawman, Dow shot and killed Zack Light during an argument in a saloon in Seven Rivers, New Mexico, in the late 1880s. He later became sheriff of Eddy County and was killed by former Sheriff Dave Kemp at Carlsbad.

Nathan Augustus Monroet Dudley – A New Mexico gunman and lieutenant colonel stationed at Fort Stanton, Dudley sided with the MurphyDolan faction during the Lincoln County War. He was with them when they besieged the McSween house in Lincoln. He was tried and acquitted for his actions.

Charlie Dwindle – A gunman who was arrested for the murder of John Byers near Springer, New Mexico, in March 1883.


William “Bill” Earhart (18??-1896) – A gunfighter, Earhart fought with Oliver Lee in the Lee-Good feud in Tularosa, New Mexico. He was also a friend and cohort of such men as Killin’ Jim Miller and John Wesley Hardin. He was killed in Pecos, Texas, by gunfighter Barney Riggs in 1896.

Virgil Earp (1843-1906) – Dodge City, Kansas Deputy Marshal; Prescott, Arizona Deputy Sheriff; Tombstone, Arizona Marshal/Chief of Police; U.S. Deputy Marshal in Arizona Territory; Deputy Marshal in Colton, California; Esmeralda County, Nevada Deputy Sheriff.

Warren Earp (1855-1900) U.S. Deputy Marshal in Arizona; Special Ranger of the Arizona Cattleman’s Association. Killed in a gunfight in Willcox, Arizona, in 1900.

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp (1848-1929) – Lamar, Missouri Constable; Ellsworth, Kansas Marshal; Wichita, Kansas Deputy Policeman; Dodge City; Kansas Assistant Marshal; Pima County, Arizona Deputy Sheriff; Tombstone, Arizona Deputy Policeman/Assistant Marshal; Dodge City Peace Commissioner, U.S. Deputy Marshal in Arizona Territory. He died a natural death in California in 1929.

James Elliott – A gunman who shot and killed James Fay in February 1884  in Lake Valley, New Mexico.

William Ellis – A gunman who shot and killed J.S. McAlpin on April 18, 1886, in La Luz, New Mexico.

Jack Enbree – A gunman, Enbree shot and wounded E.M. Dixon in Laramie, Wyoming, and was imprisoned for two years. After his release,  he returned, threatened Dixon, and was killed on January 23, 1889.

Jose Espolin – A gunman accused of murdering Mescalero, New Mexico merchant A.H. Howe in 1886.

Tranquellano Estabo – A gunman, he shot up Phoenix, Arizona in 1895 and was arrested by Sheriff Cicero Stewart and Dee Harkey.

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