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Gunfighter Index - C-D

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  • Billy Campbell - A member of Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico's Lincoln County War. Nothing known of life following the conflict.  

  • William Campbell - A Texas cowboy and gunman, Campbell a gunfight erupted with Babe and Andy Moye in Ogalalla, Nebraska after Campbell insulted Babe. When the smoke cleared Campbell was dead.

  • John Cannon - A judge in Beckham County, Oklahoma who was killed in a duel with a man named Hamlet on December 2, 1915. Cannon was shot five times and died almost instantly.

  • Frank Canton Frank M. Canton, aka: Joe Horner (1849-1927) - Johnson County, Wyoming Sheriff, where he fought in the Johnson County War. Later moved to Oklahoma where he became a U.S. Deputy Marshal and Q County, Oklahoma Under Sheriff.

  • Antonio Carbajal - A New Mexico gunman, Carbajal fatally wounded Bernardino Chavez on December 8, 1897 at Mesilla, New Mexico.

  • Manuel Cardenas - A gunman, Cardenas was suspected of murder in November 1875 at Cimarron, New Mexico

  • George Carrhert - A Montana gunman, he was killed in Bannack during a duel in 1863.

  • Joe Carson - Gunman, city marshal, and member of the Dodge City Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico, he was killed in a saloon gunfight.

  • "Tex” Carter - A gunfighter for Jim Lacy, Opium Bob, and Dutch Charley Bates, Carter escaped a lynch mob on March 22, 1881, at Rawlins, Wyoming and later became a sheriff in Nebraska.

  • Samuel E. Chamberlain, aka: Peloncillo Jack - A gunman and mercenary in the 1840s, he later became a general in the Civil War. He died Worcester, Massachusetts in 1908.

  • John Chambers -  A member of the John Kinney Gang, during New Mexico's Lincoln County War . After the gang broke up, he disappeared. Florencio Chaves - Fought with the Regulators in the Lincoln County War of New Mexico . He survived the conflict and died in Lincoln, New Mexico in the 1930s.

  • Martin Chaves, died on December 8, 1931 of natural causes at Santa Fe, New Mexico .

  • Jose Chavez y Baca - A gunman in the Lincoln County War .

  • Jose Chavez y Chavez - Fought with the Regulators in the Lincoln County War of New Mexico . He died of old age at Milagro, New Mexico on July 17, 1923.

  • "Cherokee Bob" - A gunman in the 1860s in mining camps of Idaho an Montana.

  • Fred Chilton - A cowboy and gunman, he was one of three cowboys killed by Len Woodward on March 21, 1886 at Tascosa, Texas.

  • Benjamin Clark - A gunman and Indian scout, fought and killed renegade and hostile Indians most of his life. He served with Bat Masterson and scouted for General Nelson Miles in the Indian Wars of 1874.





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