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Gunfighter Index - N-Q

Western and Saloon Style Decorating Ideas 

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  • Joseph Nash (18??-1901) - A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors who fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War. He was dragged to death by a roped bronco in Denver, Colorado in July 1901.

    John S. Neel - A gunman, he shot J.N. New on June 19, 1883 in Penasco, New Mexico.

  • Mart Nelson - A gunman, he killed seven people in Bonito, New Mexico on May 4 1885.

  • J. Frank Norfleet - A gunman and rancher in Gonzales County, Texas, he tracked, captured, and was instrumental in sending to prison a gang that swindled him out of more than $100,000.


  • Bill O'Dell - A gunman, he was killed with his brother Tom by lawmen in Texas in December, 1880.

  • Tom O'Dell - A gunman, he and his brother, Bill, were killed by lawmen in Texas in December, 1880.

  • Lon Oden - A Texas Rangers and gunfighter, Oden, along with Ranger John Hughes, participated in a number of gunfights along the Mexican border in the late 1800s.

  • John Wallace Olinger (18??-1940) - A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors who fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War. He and brother, Bob, were both deputized by Sheriff George Peppin to fight against Alexander McSween's "Regulators." A month after the final four-day shootout in Lincoln, John participated in a gunfight on behalf of his ranch partner. After that he ed a quiet existence. He died of broncho-pneumonia at Van Nuys, California on February 25, 1940.

  • Robert "Bob" A. Olinger, aka: Big Indian, Pecos Bob (1841?-1881) - A crooked lawman and member of the Seven Rivers Warriors who fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War. He was killed by Billy the Kid when he broke out of jail in Lincoln, New Mexico on

  • Joe Olney; aka: Joe Hill - A gunman, he was friends with Jim Hughes, Johnny Ringo, and Curly Bill Brocious. He died when a horse fell on him.

  • John B. Omohundro, aka: Texas Jack - A scout and gunman, he tracked horse thieves and led massacres of Indian tribes in the 1850s-60s in Texas, Kansas, Arizona, and New Mexico. He later was a member of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. He died in 1888.

  • Thomas O'Neill - A gunman, he killed Walter Byers in Dawson, New Mexico.




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