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Complete List of Old West Gunfighters

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GunfighterAn outgrowth of the Civil War, the gunfighter era also spawned a number of outlaws. With men who had become accustomed to violence and often having lost their lands or fortunes, being quick with a gun was often an easy transition.


Though about a third of the gunman died of "natural causes," many died violently in gunfights, lynchings, or legal executions. The average age of death was about 35. However, of those gunman who used their skills on the side of the law, they would persistently live longer lives than those that lived a life of crime.


The occupations of gunfighters ranged from lawmen, to cowboys, ranchers, gamblers, farmers, teamsters, bounty hunters, and outlaws.


During these violent days, most of the shootings occurred in Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, Missouri, and Colorado. 



  • Jeff Ake - A gunfighter during the Texas Reconstruction, he claimed to have known all of the bad men of the times including John Wesley Hardin, Jesse James, Cole Younger, Bill Doolin, Sam Bass, and Ben Thompson.

  • William Ake - Brother to Jeff Ake, William was a gunfighter who fought in the Mason County War in Texas from 1874 to 1876.

  • Bill Allen - A member of Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico's Lincoln County War. Nothing known of life following the conflict.  

  • Billy "The Kid” Allen - A gunfighter in Deadwood, South Dakota and New Mexico that killed several men.

  • Frank Allen (18??-1881) - A gunfighter, Allen was shot and killed in EI Paso, Texas in March, 1881.

  • John Allen - Gunman and gambler, he was involved in the Trinidad, Colorado Shoot-out, where he killed Frank Loving.

  • Joseph Allen (18??-1909) - A gunfighter who was involved in a bitter feud in Ada, Oklahoma, was later arrested for the murder of Gus Bobbitt. On April 19, 1909 a vigilante mob of 150-200 men stormed the jail, and dragged out Allen, along with Jim Miller, Jesse West, and D.B. Burrell. The four were hanged in an abandoned barn behind the jail.

  • Robert A. "Clay” Allison (1840-1877) -  Allison was said to have killed at least fifteen men, moving between Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. He was killed near Pecos, Texas when he was run over by his own wagon on July 1, 1887.

  • Perry Altman - A New Mexico gunfighter and half-brother of Oliver Lee.

  • Ham Anderson (18??-1874) - A gunfighter and cousin of John Wesley Hardin, he was involved in a number gunfights in Kansas and Texas before he was finally killed in 1874.

  • Hugh Anderson (18??- 1873) - A Bell County, Texas cowboy, Anderson was involved in the Hide Park Gunfight in Newton, Kansas in 1871. In the skirmish, Anderson killed Mike McCluskie and, he himself, was wounded. Two years later, Arthur McCluskie, Mike's brother, caught up with Anderson and in a brutal duel, both men died.



  • Reese Anderson - A gunfighter and cowboy, Anderson led a vigilante group in Montana in 1884. He and his cohorts captured and hanged 23 horse thieves.

  • Scott L. Anderson - Gunman and stage guard working in South Dakota, Anderson fended off a number of hold-up attempts.

  • Tom Anderson - A gunfighter, Anderson was the brother of William "Black Jack” Christian.

  • Greetings From the Old WestWilliam Anderson -  Living in Delano, Kansas, just outside of Wichita, Anderson was a drunken gunman. In 1873, he was blinded in a shoot out. He died begging for coins outside saloons.

  • Serafin Aragon - A member of Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico's Lincoln County War. Nothing is known of his life following the conflict.  

  • "Arkansas Bill" - A gunfighter in Dodge City, Kansas in the late 1870s who claimed to have killed twenty-two men.

  • "Arizona Jack" - A gunman and teamster, was lynched at Wagon Bed Springs, Kansas Territory, for shooting to death another teamster.

  • John Barclay Armstrong (1850-1913) - He enlisted with the Travis Rifles in 1871 and joined the Texas Rangers in 1875, where he helped in the capture John King Fisher in 1874 and tracked and captured John Wesley Hardin in 1877. He retired as a captain in 1882 and died May 1, 1913.

  • Ira Aten (1862–1953) - Aten joined the Texas Rangers in 1883, and became captain of Company D and later tracked and shot down outlaw Judd Roberts, an associate of Butch Cassidy's Hole-in-the-Wall gang. he served as a sheriff in Fort Bend County, Texas during the Jaybird-Woodpecker War and later the sheriff of Castro County, Texas.


  • Pete Bader - A gunman in the Mason County War of Texas. His brother, Charles Bader, was killed by Johnny Ringo.

  • Elfego Baca (1865-1945) - Socorro County, New Mexico lawman, attorney, and U.S. Deputy Marshal.  He survived the Frisco Shootout against some 80 cowboys in 1884.

  • Jose Chavez y Baca - A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors who fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War. After the war, he disappeared into history.

  • Charles "Chas” Baker - A gunman in the Lincoln County War of New Mexico and brother of Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff, Frank Baker. Charles was later captured by Texas Ranger, Jim Gillett, and sent to prison for 25 years.

  • Cullen Montgomery Baker (1839-1868) - A Veteran guerilla soldier of the Civil War, Baker fought reconstructionist soldiers and terrorized Texas for four years. He was killed on January 6, 1869.

  • Charles Ballard - A gunman, Ballard rode with the posse that captured Black Jack Ketchum in September, 1896.

  • "Wobblin Willie" Balleau - A drunken Oklahoma gunman  Balleau killed Irb Fourche after a dispute in a saloon. He was later killed by Judge Jimmy Mathers, when he threatened the judge at gunpoint in Ada, Oklahoma.

  • Steve Ballew - A Texas gunman, Ballew shot and killed Jim Golden in Collin County, Texas in 1870. He was later executed.

  • Manuel Barela - A New Mexico gunman who killed a man in Las Vegas, he was later hanged by vigilantes in 1879.

  • Y sabel Barela - A New Mexico gunman, Barela was shot and killed by John Kinney in Mesilla on November 2, 1877.

  • Clinton Barkley, aka: Bill Bowen (18??-??) - A Texas gunman wanted for murder, he soon found himself in the midst of the Horrell-Higgins feud.

  • Jerry Barton - A gunfighter, Barton ran a saloon in Charleston, Arizona. At some point, he killed his partner, and later a Mexican man in 1881. He was imprisoned for the second killing.

  • Harry Basset - A New Mexico gunman, Basset was shot on November 20, 1879 in Otero, New Mexico

  • Dan Baxter - A New Mexico gunman, Baxter was shot and killed in August, 1884 by Frank Thurmond in Deming, New Mexico. 

  • Charles Washington Beach (1833-1889) - A gunman, Beach shot and killed a man who stabbed him in Prescott, Arizona on December 3, 1883.

  • Edward T. "Red" Beard (18??-1873) - Running a disreputable saloon there in Delano, Kansas, Beard was killed in a gunfight with a rival saloon owner named Rowdy Joe Lowe.

  • John Beard - A Texas gunman in Mason County, Beard was involved in the Horrell-Higgins feud.

  • Mose Beard - Brother to John Beard, Moss also was involved in the Horrell-Higgins feud.

  • Bob Beckwith (18??-1878) - A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors during the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, he was killed by a Regulator in Lincoln, New Mexico on July 19, 1878.

  • Henry M. "Hugh” Beckwith (18??-1892)  - A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors, who fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War, Beckwith shot down his own son-in-law on August 16, 1878. After the war, he moved to Texas, where he was killed during a robbery of his general store at Presidio in 1892.

  • John Beckwith (1853-1879) -  A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors during the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He was shot and killed in 1879.

  • Robert W. Beckwith (1850-1878) - The older brother of John Beckwith, he was killed in the Lincoln County War in New Mexico.

  • C. Bell - Gunfighter, lawman and Union spy during the Civil War, Bell claimed to have killed over 30 men.

  • Jim Bewley -  A gunman, was killed in Oregon attempting to break the smallpox quarantine.

  • Juan Bideno (18??-1871) - Bideno's known career as a gunman was compressed into a few violent days in the summer of 1871 when he killed a cattle trail boss in Texas, who just happened to be a friend of John Wesley Hardin's. Hardin soon hunted Bideno down and killed him.

  • Pete Bishop - A gunman and saloon owner, Bishop killed two men in December, 1871.

  • Blackie Black - A gunman and teamster, Black killed several men in Texasin the early 1850s.

  • Andy Blevins, aka: Andy Cooper (18??-1887) - A hired gun in the Pleasant Valley War of Arizona, Blevins was killed by Commodore Perry Owens.  

  • John Blevins - A gunman in the Pleasant Valley War of Arizona.

  • Blind Joe - A New Mexico gunman, Joe was killed on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in January, 1908.

  • Angus A. "Gus” Bobbitt - A gunman and former lawman, Bobbitt led a faction in the Pontotoc County War against cattlemen Jesse West and Joseph Allen. He was killed in ambush in February 1909.

  • Thomas Boggs - A friend of Kit Carson’s, Boggs was a gunman and mountain main in the area of Taos, New Mexico.

  • George Bowers - Gunman Bowers was killed in the Lincoln County War on July 19, 1878.

  • Mart Boyce (18??-1883) - A gunman and faro dealer in Caldwell, Kansas, he was killed by Marshal Henry Brown in 1883.

  • Andrew "Andy: Boyle - A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors who fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War.  He survived and died of unknown causes in Dona Ana County on May 14, 1882 or 1887.

  • "Sport" Boyle - A gunman and outlaw, Boyle was member of the Dodge City Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

  • George "Joe" Bowers - Fought with the Regulators in the Lincoln County War of New Mexico.  He later moved to to Kansas in the mid-1880s and disappeared.

  • William Cowper Brann - A newspaperman, Brann engaged Captain T.E. Davis in a gunfight on April 1, 1898, in which both men were killed.

  • David C. Broderick - A gunman and politician in California, Broderick was killed by Judge David S. Terry in a duel in the 1850s.

  • William L. "Buffalo Bill" Brooks (1832-1874) - Lawman turned outlaw, Brooks served as marshal in Newton and Dodge City, Kansas, before being arrested for horse theft. He and two other men were lynched by a vigilante mob on July 29, 1874.

  • Henry Newton Brown (1857–1884) -  Fought with the Regulators in the Lincoln County War of New Mexico.  He then worked as a sheriff in Tascosa, Texas and a marshal in Caldwell, Kansas. While serving as a lawman, he made a failed attempt to rob a bank in Medicine Lodge, Kansas on April 30, 1884.  He was immediately captured and hanged the same day by vigilantes. 

  • "Long-Haired Sam” Brown - A gunman and outlaw in the Nevada mining camps, Brown killed fifteen men and was shot and killed on July 7, 1861.

  • R. L. Bryan - A member of the John Kinney Gang, during New Mexico's Lincoln County War.  After the gang broke up, he disappeared.

  • Charles "Charlie" Bryant, aka: Black Face Charlie (18??-1891) - A member of the Dalton Gang, Bryant was killed in a gunfight with U.S. Deputy Marshal Edward Short, which left both men dead.

  • Roscoe "Rustling Bob" Bryant - A member of the John Kinney Gang during New Mexico's Lincoln County War.  He was killed by members of Selman's Scouts near Seven Rivers, New Mexico in September, 1878.

  • John C. Bull - (18??-1928) - A gunman, Bull killed a farmer in Montana in 1867. Captured and tried, he was acquitted in 1882. He died in 1928.

  • Roscoe Burrell - A member of Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico's Lincoln County War.  Nothing is known of his life following the conflict.


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