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Montana Flag - Big Sky Legends IconMONTANA LEGENDS

Mountains and Plains of Montana

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Montana Articles:


Bannack - From Gold to Ghosts

Barker & Hughesville - Ghost Camps in the Little Belt Mountains

Battle of Little Big Horn

Bitterroot Valley, Western Montana

The Blackfoot Indians - "Real" People of Montana

Chief Joseph - Leader of the Nez Perce and a True American

Coolidge - Tumbling in the Forest

Comet - Silence on the Eastern Slope

A Day's Drive With Montana Cowboys

Discovery of the Rocky Mountains

Elkhorn Survives

Frank Latta - How Skill Caught a Criminal and Luck Saved the Lawman's Life

Garnet - Montana’s Best Kept Ghost Town Secret

Custom Montana postcard by Legends of America

Custom Montana postcard by Legends of America available HERE.



Ghost Town Ghosts in Bannack, Montana

Glacier National Park

Granite - Montana's Silver Queen

Granville Stuart - Montana Pioneer Hero

Hecla Mining District in the Pioneer Mountains

Henry Plummer - Sheriff Meets a Noose

Jack SladeJoseph Slade - Hanged By Vigilantes

Lakota, Dakota, Nakota - The Great Sioux Nation

The Marias Massacre

Marysville - Growing Once Again

The Mighty Missouri River

Mines of Idaho & Montana

Montana Ghost Towns

Montana Links

Montana Forts of the Old West

Montana Fun Facts & Trivia

Montana Postcards

Montana Photos

Montana Ghost Towns & Mining Camps

Nevada City - Outdoor History Museum

Nez Perce - A Hard Fight For Their Homeland

Desert John's Saloon in Deerlodge, MontanaQuirky Montana

Desert John's Saloon Museum

Merry Widow Health Mine

Montana Testicle Festival

Old Montana Prison Museum

The Writing of Jerry’s Riot: The True Story of Montana’s 1959 Prison Disturbance

New Atlas Saloon in Columbus

Rimini Lives On

They Don’t Call It Big Sky For Nothing!

The Vigilantes of California, Idaho, & Montana

Virginia City, Montana - A Lively Ghost Town

Writing Credits

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Slideshow


Virginia City, Montana

Virginia City, one of Montana's oldest mining camps,  still entertains

 thousands  of visitors each year. July, 2008, Kathy Weiser.

This image available for photographic prints & editorial downloads HERE!



Montana Flag - Big Sky Legends IconMontana Flag - Under the word "Montana", on a blue field, is the state seal. The seal shows some of Montana's beautiful scenery and tells what people were doing in pioneer times. The pick, shovel and plow represent mining and farming. In the background a sun rises over mountains, forests and the Great Falls of the Missouri river. A ribbon contains the state motto "Gold and Silver".


Welcome to Big Sky Legends


Montana's name is derived from the Spanish word montaña, which means mountain. She is also known by several nicknames, including "Big Sky Country", "The Treasure State", "Land of the Shining Mountains" and "The Last Best Place".


Montana is a land of spectacular mountains and plains. From the wondrous geological features of Yellowstone to the majesty of Glacier, Montana's National Parks will inspire and astound you. You'll see an abundance of wildlife - antelope, elk, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, eagles, trumpeter swans, bears, wolves, and more.


Visitors will also enjoy adventure and excitement in the Old West by seeing the historic mining camps of Virginia CityNevada CityBannack, and more. 


Montana has something for everyone, providing memories you will never forget.


Enjoy your travels in Montana and welcome to the Big Sky Legends.


Kathy R. Weiser



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Montana Slideshow:



All images and more available for photo prints & editorial downloads HERE.



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