Historic Montana People

Montana People

Montana People


Blackfoot Legend of the Peacepipe

Blackfoot Legend of the Peacepipe

The Blackfoot Indians – “Real” People of Montana

John Bozeman – Blazing the Bozeman Trail

The Crow – Skilled Horseman of Montana

Chicago Joe – Queen of Helena

Jack Gallager – Deputy Sheriff Hanged

Neil Howie – Lawman and Vigilante

Chief Joseph – Leader of the Nez Perce and a True American

Lakota, Dakota, Nakota – The Great Sioux Nation

“Clubfoot” George Lane – Outlaw Shoemaker?

Frank Latta – How Skill Caught a Criminal and Luck Saved the Lawman’s Life

Pedro Mountain Mummy

Pedro Mountain Mummy

Little People & the Pedro Mountain Mummy

Montana Vigilantes

Nez Perce – A Hard Fight For Their Homeland

Off the Grid – Our Friend Albert

Levi Boone Helm – Murderer, Cannibal & Thief

Frank Parish – Hanged By Vigilantes

Henry Plummer – Sheriff Meets a Noose

Ned Ray – Hanged by Vigilates

Red Cloud’s War in Wyoming & Montana

The Salish Tribe of Montana

Cyrus Skinner – Gold Field Outlaw

Joseph Slade – Hanged By Vigilantes

Buck Stinson – Hanged by Montana Vigilantes

Granville Stuart – Montana Pioneer Hero

Stuart’s Stranglers of Montana

The Vigilantes of California, Idaho, & Montana

William Wheeler – U.S. Deputy Marshal

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