More Ghost Towns of America


Fayette, Michigan buildings by Dave Alexander

Fayette, Michigan buildings by Dave Alexander


Fort Basinger – Ghost Town on the Kissimmee River

Relics of Ford Dade on Egmont Key

Fort Denaud, Florida

Fort Gadsden, Florida


Commercial Ave in Cairo, Illinois during it’s heydays.

Cairo – Death By Racism  (not a ghost town, but a shell of it’s former self)

Funks Grove – Home of Maple Sirup


Central Mine – Copper Ghost Preserved

Fayette Historic Townsite


Rodney – From Prominence to Ghost Town


Crookston- A Semi-Ghost Town

The Okaton Grain Elevator, July, 2006, Kathy Weiser.

The Okaton Grain Elevator, by Kathy Weiser.

South Dakota:

Okaton – A Prairie Ghost Town

Rough & Tumble Deadwood


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