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Harvey Logan, aka "Kid Curry" - The Wildest of the Wild Bunch

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Harvey Logan, aka: Kid Curry

Harvey Logan was better known as "Kid Curry" when he was riding with the Wild Bunch. This image available for photographic prints & downloads HERE!




"He has not one single redeeming feature, he is the only criminal I know of who does not have one single good point."

- William Pinkerton


Better known as "Kid Curry,” Harvey Alexander Logan, an orphaned cowboy originally from Iowa, would grow up to be a rustler, gunman, bank and train robber, and known to be one of the "wildest” of Butch Cassidy's outlaw gang, the Wild Bunch.


Born in 1867 in Tama County, Iowa to William A. and Eliza J. Logan, Harvey was the third of six children. When his father died, his mother moved the family to Dodson, Missouri, a small town just outside Kansas City.


Unfortunately for the children, it wasn’t long before their mother also died in 1876. They then lived with their aunt and uncle, Lizzie and Hiram Lee. Not long after, Harvey moved with three of his brothers to Texas, where the young man first made his living breaking horses at the "Cross L Ranch” near Big Spring.




Somewhere along the line, he befriended a man named "Flat Nose" George Curry, from whom he took his new last name. His brothers soon adopted the same last name.


In 1883, at the age of 16, Logan rode with a cattle drive to Pueblo, Colorado where he was involved in a saloon brawl. To avoid the law, he headed to southern Wyoming. The next year, Harvey, along with brothers Johnnie and Lonnie were homesteading a horse ranch in Chouteau County, Montana just south of the Landusky Mining Camp.


On October 2, 1894, Harvey and Johnnie Logan, along with their brother-in-law, Lee Self, got into an altercation with a neighbor named James Ross. As a result of the confrontation, Harvey found himself charged with assault with a deadly weapon. It was just the first of many incidents that would drive Logan into a life of outlawry.


The next incident occurred when local miner Powell "Pike” Landusky attacked Harvey, believing that he was romantically involved with his daughter. When Logan got the better of Landusky, the miner filed assault charges against him and was arrested and beaten. Though a judge released him at the inquest, indicating the assault appeared to be self-defense, a formal trial date was set on the charges. When Harvey ran into Landusky in a local saloon, the two got into a dispute that quickly escalated into a fist fight. However, when Logan began to walk away, Landusky pulled a gun and threatened the unarmed bad boy. His brothers quickly provided him with a pistol and when the ultimate gunfight erupted, Landusky’s gun jammed and Harvey shot him in the head.


Sure that he would never get a fair trial for the killing, Logan fled. Later, Landusky’s daughter would announce that she was pregnant, but with Harvey's brother Lonnie’s child, rather than his.


With the law on his tail and a bounty on his head, Logan fled to New Mexico, where he rode with the Black Jack Ketchum Gang.


Harvey returned to Montana when he received word that a friend of Landusky’s, a rancher named James Winters, had been trying to get the reward on his head. In January, 1896, Harvey, along with brothers, Johnnie and Lonnie, confronted Winters at his ranch. When a shoot-out erupted, Johnnie was killed.

and Lonnie escaped and returned to New Mexico, joining up with Black Jack Ketchum's gang once again. However, when the brothers argued with Thomas "Black Jack” Ketchum over the take in a train robbery, the pair left the gang.


The brothers then headed to Colorado where they worked on a ranch near Sand Gulch. Before long; however, Harvey started another gang that included brother, Lonnie, Walt Putman, Tom O’Day and his old friend, George Curry. In April, 1897, Harvey was involved in the killing of Deputy Sheriff William Deane of Powder River, Wyoming, when he and his gang were rustling horses.




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Thomas Black Jack Ketchum

Thomas Edward "Black Jack" Ketchum.


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