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The Heritage of the United States

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The United States Constitution







History Tech - Documents on DVD & CD

American History Documents on CD & DVD


Landmark America - The Complete Directory of Official U.S. Landmarks,  listing more than 3,000 nationally designated historic landmarks. Available in both bound soft cover and eBook format.



Here in America we are descended in spirit from revolutionaries and rebels --

men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine.


-- Dwight D. Eisenhower




20th Century


American History's Mysteries

Automobile History by Jim Hinckley

Civil War

Documenting American History

Historic Artists in America's History

Photographers of America's History

Publishers Documenting American History

Writers & Historians Documenting American History

Early American History

Exploration of America

Forts of the American West

Ghost Towns

Historical Text - Writings from American History

Historic Towns of the American West

Legends, Myths & Campfire Tales

Native Americans - The First Owners of the West

The Old West

Overland Trails

Route 66

Treasure Tales

Wars, Military, & Soldiers

Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny

We learn from history
that we do not
learn from history.

- George Wilhelm Hegel


Americana - Original Design


Custom design available in posters, photo prints, & canvas.



Other Articles & Information:


The American Tradition of Thanksgiving

August in American History

Evolution of American English

Historic Maps on CD

Historic Photo Prints


Louisiana Purchase

Lynchings & Hangings of America

The Mississippi River and Expansion of America

The Origin of Uncle Sam

Patriotism, Liberty, Freedom Quotes

Presidents of the United States of America

Reconstruction Era

Settling of America - New England Settlements

U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights Information

U.S. Constitution - Document

U.S. Bill of Rights - Document

U.S. Declaration of Independence - Information & Text

Utopias in America

Veterans Day

Women's Suffrage in the United States

Writing Credits


People Categories:

Who's Who in American History

Explorers, Traders & Trappers

The Spanish Explore America


Heroes and Patriots


Native Americans

Other Colorful Characters of the Old West


Outlaw Gangs


Pirates - Renegades of the Sea

Presidents of the United States of America

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Day of Infamy Speech



Indian Fighters

Trail Blazers & Cowboys




American History Slideshow:




Photo prints and downloads available HERE!


From Legends' Photo Print Shop

States, Cities, & Historic Places Photos - From the deserts and ghost towns of Arizona to the towering buildings of New York, the plains of Kansas and Nebraska, to the mining camps and cities of Colorado and California, the beaches and historical sites of Florida, and everything in between, you'll find hundreds of vintage and current images of historic destinations across the United States. These images are available in high quality individual photographic prints, as well as editorial downloads for publishers and commercial enterprises.

 Current and vintage photographs of states and cities across the USA.

"We come too late for to ride with the great,
But we're born with a sense of our history.
Now the challenge remains to pick up the reins
And answer our personal mystery."

Dennis Gaines, New Tradition


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