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Wyoming Forts - Page 3

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Wind River ValleyFort Stambaugh (1870-1878) - When gold was discovered in the Wind River Valley, numerous mining camps, including South Pass City, Atlantic City and Miner's Delight were established in what became known as the Sweetwater Mining District. A post, first called Camp Augur, then known as Camp Brown, was built in 1869 where Lander is located today. However, it was not enough to protect the settlers against the raiding Indians. On May 4, 1870, First Lieutenant Charles B. Stambaugh was shot from his horse by a band of warriors as he was helping defend a party of freighters. As a tribute to him, another sub-post was established about eight miles north of the Sweetwater River between Atlantic City and the Oregon-California Trail in June, 1870. Established by Major James S. Brisbin and the 2nd U.S. Cavalry, it was first called Camp Stambaugh. A few months later it became a permanent post and was renamed Fort Stambaugh. Eight years later, when the mines were beginning to close, people were leaving the area and the Indian hostilities had decreased. The fort was abandoned on August 17, 1878 and was transferred to the Interior Department in May, 1881.Today, all that's left of the fort is a historic marker near South Pass City, Wyoming.


Fort Washakie (1869-1909) - First known as Camp Augur, this sub-post of Fort Bridger was established Lieutenant Patrick Henry Breslin and troops from the 4th U.S. Infantry on June 28, 1869 where Lander now sits. Less than a year later, it was reorganized as a separate post on March 28, 1870 and renamed Camp Brown after Captain Frederick H. Brown, who was killed in the Fetterman Massacre. The original site was abandoned 1871 and moved fifteen miles northwest of Lander onto the Wind River Indian Reservation. It continued to be called Camp Brown until December, 1878, when it was renamed to Fort Washakie in honor of the last chief of the Eastern Shoshone tribe, Chief Washakie. It continued to serve as a military post until 1909. In 1913, it was transferred to the Shoshone.

Fort Washakie Indians.Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the reservation continues to utilize some of the buildings today. Fort Washakie is also known as the final resting place for Chief Washakie and Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who guided the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


The Wind River Indian Reservation is shared by about 3,500 members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and 7,000 members of the Northern Arapaho Tribe. The reservation is located about 17 miles northwest of Lander, Wyoming on US Highway 287.


More Information:

Shoshone Tribal Cultural Center

P.O. Box 1008

Fort Washakie, Wyoming 82514




fort YellowstoneFort Yellowstone (1886-1918) - When Yellowstone National Park, the world's first national park, was established on March 1, 1872, a civilian staff with limited financial resources was in charge of running and protecting the park. Under the management of several superintendents, without adequate help, Yellowstone's natural resources were being destroyed as poachers killed animals, souvenir hunters broke off pieces of geological formations, and developers established numerous tourist camps.


As a result, the park turned to the U.S. Army for help. In August, 1886, the army arrived to begin what would be more than 30 years of military presence at Yellowstone. After living in temporary frame buildings at Camp Sheridan and enduring five cold winters, the Army realized there was no end in sight for the assignment and asked Congress for funds to establish a permanent post.  See full article HERE.



Howe's House (1810) - Built by agents of the Hudson's Bay Company to compete with the North West Company, it was located north of Flathead Lake.



Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated March, 2017.




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