Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of Nevada

John S. Cook Bank building in Rhyolite, Nevada by Dave Alexander.

John S. Cook Bank building in Rhyolite, Nevada by Dave Alexander.

Aurora – Mineral County, a few remains and a cemetery.

Austin – Lander County, many original buildings, current residents.

Belmont – Nye County, several buildings and ruins

Berlin-Union – Nye County, several buildings.

Bonnie Claire – Nye County, northeast of Scotty’s Castle, significant ruins and mining remains.

Bristol Wells – Lincoln County, 14 miles northwest of Pioche. This old mining camp that has many remains is NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE. It is behind a locked fence with threatening signs.

Broken Hills – Mineral County, a few buildings and mining remains.

Candelaria – Mineral County, a few buildings and ruins.

Chloride City – Nye County, mining remains.

Dayton – Lyon County, several buildings, cemetery, current residents.

Death Valley Ghost Towns – Nye County – includes Bonnie Claire, Chloride City, Gold Bar, Bullfrog, and many more.

Delamar – The Widow Maker – Lincoln County, mining camp, building and mining ruins, cemetery.

Eureka – Eureka County, a few buildings.

Fairview – Churchill County, a few building and mining remains.

Galena – Lander County, a very few remains

Genoa Nevada 1890

Genoa Nevada 1890

Genoa – Douglas County, several buildings and a cemetery.

Gold Hill – Storey County, a few buildings, mining remnants, cemetery, current residents.

Goldfield – Queen of the Mining Camps – Esmerelda County, mining camp, active town, many buildings, current county seat.

Gold Point – Waxing & Waning Through Time – Esmerelda County, mining camp, many remaining buildings.

Goodsprings, – Still Kicking the Desert Dust – Clark County, mining camp, many remaining buildings and current residents.

Hamilton – White Pine County, a few buildings, ruins, cemetery.

Hiko – Once the county seat of Lincoln County, Hiko thrived with one of the first mills in the valley that was dotted with mines. There are very few remains of the old town today. Instead, it is filled with cattle ranches.

Ione – Nye County, several buildings.

Johnnie – Nye County, a few buildings but on private property with no access.

Logan City, Nevada – Mining on Mount Irish Lincoln County, a few building remains. Access on BLM Road.

Manhattan – Manhattan County, many remaining buildings, ruins, cemetery, current residents.

Midas – Elko County, several buildings, current residents.

National – Humboldt County, just a few buildings.

Nelson, Nevada Area

Nelson area in Eldorado Canyon. David Alexander

Nelson and Eldorado Canyon – Lawlessness on the Colorado River – Clark County, mining camp, many buildings throughout the canyon, mining remains, current residents.

Paradise Valley – Humboldt County, several buildings.

Pine Grove – Pine Grove County, a few buildings, mining remains.

Pioche – Wildest Town in the Silver State – Lincoln County, many remaining buildings, mining remnants, current residents.

Pioneer – Nye County, a few mining remains.

Rhyolite – Nye County, mining camp, many original buildings.

Rochester – Pershing County, building and mining remnants.

Rockland – Lyon County, just a few scattered remains.

Pioche, Nevada Mine by Kathy Alexander.

Pioche, Nevada Mine by Kathy Alexander.

Searchlight – Clark County, mining camp, active town, a few original buildings and mining remnants.

Silver City – Lyon County, mining camp, a few buildings and mining remains, current residents.

Strozzi Ranch – Nye County, Old cabin, shacks, fencing

Sutro – Lyon County, few remaining buildings and mining remnants.

Tonopah – Nye County, active town, many original buildings.

Tuscarora – Elko County, several buildings, cemetery.

Tybo & the Plight of the Chinese – Nye County, mining camp, several buildings and mining remains, cemetery, charcoal kilns, current residents.

Unionville – Pershing County, several remaining buildings, cemetery.

Pioneer Stage leaving Wells-Fargo, Virginia City, Nevada, 1866.

Virginia City, Nevada – Pioneer Stage leaving Wells Fargo, by Lawrence and Houseworth. 1866.

Virginia City – Storey County, active town, numerous historic buildings.

Wadsworth – Washoe County, active town, several historic buildings.


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