Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of Nevada


John S. Cook Bank building in Rhyolite, Nevada by Dave Alexander.

John S. Cook Bank building in Rhyolite, Nevada by Dave Alexander.

Aurora – Mineral County, a few remains and cemetery.

Austin – Lander County, many original buildings, current residents.

Belmont – Nye County, several buildings and ruins

Berlin-Union – Nye County, several buildings.

Bonnie Claire – Nye County, northeast of Scotty’s Castle, significant ruins and mining remains.

Broken Hills – Mineral County, a few buildings and mining remains.

Candelaria – Mineral County, a few buildings and ruins.

Chloride City – Nye County, mining remains.

Dayton – Lyon County, several buildings, cemetery, current residents.

Death Valley Ghost Towns – Nye County – includes Bonnie Claire, Chloride City, Gold Bar, Bullfrog, and many more.

Delamar – The Widow Maker – Lincoln County, mining camp, building and mining ruins, cemetery.

Eureka – Eureka County, a few buildings.

Fairview – Churchill County, a few building and mining remains.

Galena – Lander County, a very few remains

Genoa Nevada 1890

Genoa Nevada 1890

Genoa – Douglas County, several buildings and a cemetery.

Gold Hill – Storey County, a few buildings, mining remnants, cemetery, current residents.

Goldfield – Queen of the Mining Camps – Esmerelda County, mining camp, active town, many buildings, current county seat.

Gold Point – Waxing & Waning Through Time – Esmerelda County, mining camp, many remaining buildings.

Goodsprings, – Still Kicking the Desert Dust – Clark County, mining camp, many remaining buildings and current residents.

Hamilton – White Pine County, a few buildings, ruins, cemetery.

Ione – Nye County, several buildings.

Johnnie – Nye County, a few buildings but on private property with no access.

Manhattan – Manhattan County, many remaining buildings, ruins, cemetery, current residents.

Midas – Elko County, several buildings, current residents.

National – Humboldt County, just a few buildings.

Nelson, Nevada Area

Nelson area in Eldorado Canyon. David Alexander

Nelson and Eldorado Canyon – Lawlessness on the Colorado River – Clark County, mining camp, many buildings throughout the canyon, mining remains, current residents.

Paradise Valley – Humboldt County, several buildings.

Pine Grove – Pine Grove County, a few buildings, mining remains.

Pioche – Lincoln County, many remaining buildings, mining remnants, current residents.

Pioneer – Nye County, a few mining remains.

Rhyolite – Nye County, mining camp, many original buildings.

Rochester – Pershing County, building and mining remnants.

Rockland – Lyon County, just a few scattered remains.

Searchlight – Clark County, mining camp, active town, a few original buildings and mining remnants.

Silver City – Lyon County, mining camp, a few buildings and mining remains, current residents.

Strozzi Ranch – Nye County, Old cabin, shacks, fencing

Sutro – Lyon County, few remaining buildings and mining remnants.

Tonopah – Nye County, active town, many original buildings.

Tuscarora – Elko County, several buildings, cemetery.

Tybo & the Plight of the Chinese – Nye County, mining camp, several buildings and mining remains, cemetery, charcoal kilns, current residents.

Unionville – Pershing County, several remaining buildings, cemetery.

Pioneer Stage leaving Wells-Fargo, Virginia City, Nevada, 1866.

Virginia City, Nevada – Pioneer Stage leaving Wells Fargo, by Lawrence and Houseworth. 1866.

Virginia City – Storey County, active town, numerous historic buildings.

Wadsworth – Washoe County, active town, several historic buildings.


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