March is Women’s History Month

A Group of Women in New York City, 1909


Outlaws Across America

From Gangs to Scoundrels, Men, Women, doesn’t matter, there’s always a few bad apples in the bunch.  See our ever-growing list of “Outlaws Across America“.

Explore the Old West

Old West

Hitch up and take a peek at our Old West Legends


Did You Know?  

Woman Wearing Corset 1899

Corsets were developed in the 16th century as a means of rearranging a woman’s natural body into a shape considered more attractive and fashionable, generally some variation on an inverted cone or an hourglass. They reached their greatest popularity in the latter half of the 19th century when they were used to sculpt unnaturally tiny waistlines in women of all sizes and shapes.  Read more about “The Battle Against Corsets


See our Frontier Facts and Trivia HERE

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Happy Birthday!



Presidio de la Bahía, Goliad, Texas

Presidio La Bahia Wall by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

The Presidio Nuestra Señora de Loreto de la Bahía, better known as the Presidio La Bahía, is a Spanish fort built in present-day Goliad, Texas in 1749. Through the years, it served the people of four independent nations including Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the United States, and is recognized for its cross-cultural, religious, and military significance. Today, the presidio is most famous for the part it played the Texas Revolution including the Battle of Goliad in October 1835 and the Goliad Massacre in March 1836. Continue Reading…


Journey through America’s Destinations HERE

Red Brick Road near Auburn, Illinois

Journey through America’s Destinations here.


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Arizona Photo Galleries

Cool Springs, Arizona by Kathy Weiser

Arizona Photo Galleries

Native American Rituals, Ceremonies & Dances

War dance of the Sac and Fox, by Peter Rindisbacher, about 1830

Native American Rituals, Ceremonies & Dances Photo Gallery


Native American Religion

Arikara Indian at the alter, by Edward Curtis, 1908

Though Native Americans‘ spirituality, ceremonies, and rituals were often referred to as “religion,” most did not consider it in the way Christians do. However, it was labeled as such by American writers, soldiers, and settlers, who called it such, perhaps because they didn’t know how to otherwise describe the rituals and ceremonies. The Native Americans, themselves, believed that their rituals and practices formed an integral and seamless part of their very being. Read more HERE.


Explore Native America

American Tribes Poster

From Tribes and Heros to Myths and Medicine. Explore all that is Native American here.


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Legends of Captain Kidd’s Treasure

Captain Kidd's Buried Treasure

Captain William Kidd is the most ubiquitous gentleman in history. If his earnings in the gentle craft of piracy were frugally kept, he possibly left some pots of money in holes in the ground between Key West, Florida, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Read more of Charles M. Skinner’s tale from 1896 HERE.


Explore Legends, Ghosts, Myths & Mysteries

Venture into the unknown with our Legends, Ghosts, Myths & Mysteries.


Tips for Traveling in the Desert

Badwater Basin in Death Valley by Kathy Weiser-Alexander

Traveling in the desert is a whole different ballgame than traveling the rest of the American West. To make sure that your desert adventure is a success, check out this list of travel tips.


Travel Tips, Special Destinations, RV Information & More

See Travel Tips, RV information and More


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  1. Your website “Legends of America” is an excellent source of historical and geographical information with many images. There is extremely much, much information revealed which a very large majority of people did not even know about before. I, as an American, constantly learn more and more new things about my country and its people from your great Americana internet site.

  2. I find Your presentations on the History Past and Near present stirring my old curiosity & Interest-
    I am older than many and Younger than fewer- Proud Graduate of Univ of MO Rolla now MS&T-

    Since I grew up in Jackson County and lived on the Santa Fe trail 1935-1951( Known As Blue ridge Blvd) which was the Trail or it was close by- There are many stories from Locals and in records at the Raytown Historical Society Museum-Information of the early Schools that served the Brooking township- I attended Chapel School (Est 1851 which I entered in Fall of 1940- A family Dollar Store sits on the Corner where the School originally was a Log cabin with the Help of the Still functioning Blue Ridge Methodist Church- My family was from a long line to PA Methodist followers and early 1842 with family to St Charles County MO- From Washington and Fayette Counties PA by riverboat. As a coincidencethis ties me to my interst of the Santa Fe Trail
    The 1842 date is exactly the same as a early settler along the MO KAN state Line in the area of the Once New Santa Fe ( Graveyard and a Church are on the site 123rd st South 3 blocks east of State line road). The 1842 Cabin(later Road House with sleeping rooms up the narrow stairs) then a farm Home- the exterior has been surrounded by a Modern home which I recently toured with the New Owner – New Santa Fe was the last stop on the 20 mile route of the original trail on the High ground Ridge to Kansas Territory- On to Olathe- The last place where a letter could be posted to the East- and some final supplies found in a Store. I have not found much history- The area is just South of Watts Mill on the Indian Creek flowing out of KANSAS ( another Story)
    If You contact we with a cell phone I will send the Current picture to You.
    Yes- my late wife Was from Pettis County ,Sedalia and 65 was the highway to Sprgfld that Her parents took to enter Doris to the Early 1950,’s Drury College where we met..
    We had traveled to all 50 states and from Key West to the Ports of entry in Canada in the west , Manitoba and Ontario and Quebec+Mexico via San Diego and Brownsville- Maine near the Canadian Border-
    We both were from Patriot families, Doris being a DAR and Myself a SAR- celebrating Our Revolutionary Families History and journeys to the West.
    Keep bringing stories forth and presenting them as history and facts as all who read will benefit –
    Yes I traveled the Lewis And Clark Trail to Fort Clatsop- to St Charles where the Battle of S Louis ws fought- I have a close friend whose family was in MO territory ( Near St Genevieve) when the Spanish and French were seeking ownership.
    C.C Barnds

  3. Love your monthly newsletters. I have visited many areas of the west ,now thanks to
    you I know a lot more about their history. Please keep up the good work.

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