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Ghost Towns, Mining Camps, History & More

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Ghost Towns Across America







New Mexico






More Ghost Towns (States w/o page .... yet)


Produced by Kathy Weiser-Alexander. To comment on our videos see us on YouTube HERE.

All images available for photo prints & commercial downloads HERE!


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Ghost Towns Reveal Hidden Tales of Old West

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Stay Out of That Old Mine!


The past belongs to the future...

but only the present

  can preserve it.


-- Unknown


Take nothing but photos - leave

nothing  but footprints - break nothing

 but silence - kill nothing but time.


-- Explorer's Code





I was born here.
In a long ago land of shadows and muted sounds
I brushed against the pages of my days,
Partially separated the shadows and sounds.
The world was hot and cold against my cheeks

Within these small structured walls I learned
While my fancies found wings
And sailed far beyond these walls.

I worshipped here.
The soaring sounds touched God
And He made me a sinner.

I loved here,
And became immortal
For a moment.

I heard the music of life
And I carried the music within me.

In the melted minutes of larger shadows and louder sounds
I sweat cold sweat
I smelled the odors of life
Tasted dirt
Felt pain
And slowly died.

I was buried here
Under the cold clay of a faraway field.
A few unheard words gave my entire life meaning.
Stirring my silent screams even more than before.

The town is gone now
And the treasure of my life is spent
Upon the night winds and the weeds,
And on eternity.

--  Perry Eberhart, Ghosts of the Colorado Plains, Swallow Press Books, Athens, Ohio, 1986.



See Ghost Towns Of the American West
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Ghost Towns of the American West



Gascoyne, Nebraska School Today

Gascoyne, North Dakota school, Kathy Weiser-Alexander, September, 2011.

Image available for photo prints & editorial downloads HERE.



Elkhorn, Montana,  July, 2008, Kathy Weiser.

This image available for photographic prints and  downloads




Ghost Town Slideshow



All images available for photo prints & commercial downloads HERE!


From Legends' General Store

Ghost Towns: America's Lost World DVDKathy Weiser-AlexanderGhost Towns (America's Lost World) 2 Disc DVD


Unearth America's Lost World! This 5-Part series ventures into the roots of our nations high hopes and hard labors to discover the towns that boomed fast and went bust even faster. Through original footage, interviews with experts and archival materials, this fascinating documentary takes viewers on an amazing journey through our abandoned history. From the deserts of California and mountains of Colorado to the forts, trails and battle sites of war, witness the precious remains of the past that only exist today as shadows of former glories and empty promises.

Dave AlexanderFirst time on DVD! Legends of America's own Kathy Weiser-Alexander and Dave Alexander, along with noted Ghost Town author Philip Varney, authors Jeff Barnes, Kenneth Jessen and many more, even an appearance from Bob Boze Bell. Created and Produced by Award-Winning Documentarians, Centre Communications, exclusively for Mill Creek Entertainment. Total Running time 5 hours, 34 minutes.


Buy Product $9.95


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