Ghost Towns & Near Ghosts of Kansas

The old Brookville Hotel, Kathy Weiser

The old Brookville Hotel, Kathy Alexander.

Kansas Ghost Towns:

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Alexander – Old Town in Rush County

Bala – A Ghost in Riley County

Barnard – Falling on Hard Times 

Bavaria – Ranching on the Santa Fe Trail 

Barnard Kansas

The east side of Main Street in Barnard, Kansas has not fared well. Across the street; however, the post office and a bank are still in business, Kathy Alexander.

Big Springs – Leading the Free-Staters

Black Wolf – Another Farm Town Ghost Town

Brookville – Another Crazy Cowtown

Bloom – Ford County Ghost

Bushong – Faded Railroad Town

Carneiro – A Tidy Little Ghost Town

Clayton – Norton County Ghost

Columbia – A Ghost Town Story

Diamond Spring – Oasis on the Santa Fe Trail

Doniphan – River Ghost Town

Dunlap – A Freedman’s Refuge

Elk Falls – World’s Largest Living Ghost Town

Emerging Ghost Towns of the Plains

Forgotten LeHunt

Gem – Thomas County Ghost

Hunnewell – Cow Town to Ghost Town

Huron – Railroad Town

Kingsdown – Dying in Ford County

An old cafe in Monument, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

An old cafe in Monument, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

Monument – Stage Station to Ghost

Quindaro – A Free-State Black Town

Parkerville – Prairie Ghost Town

Russell Springs – On the Smoky Hill Trail

Skiddy – Railroad Ghost Town

Six-Mile – A Red Leg Stronghold

Trading Post – Border War

Winnifred Just Didn’t Make It

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Bavaria, KS - Church. Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Bavaria, KS – Church. Kathy Alexander.

Brookville, Kansas School

The more than century-old school in Brookville continues to stand, though students last attended here in 1996.


Nicodemus, Kansas, 1885.

An old commercial building stands vacant in Empire City today, Kathy Weiser

An old commercial building stands vacant in Empire City today, Kathy Alexander

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