Oregon Ghost Towns

Old buildings in Shaniko, Oregon by Carol Highsmith.

Shaniko, Oregon community that is largely a ghost town that also includes a few small businesses serving curious travelers who come upon it in the middle of remote Wasco County. The town was built, beginning in 1898, to serve a railroad that shipped thousands of sheep to market from surrounding farms in the Central Oregon Valley.


Fort Dalles about 1890.

Fort Dalles about 1890.

Fort Dalles – Last Hurdle on the Oregon Trail

Fort Klamath – Fighting the Modocs

Riddle Brothers Ranch – Pioneer Homestead

Shaniko – Wool Capitol of the World

Sumpter – Queen City Ghost Town

Sailors’ Diggings and the Triskitt Gang’s Lost Loot

Waldo-Sailors Diggings, Oregon in the 1890s

Waldo-Sailors Diggings, Oregon, in the 1890s

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