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Lawmen of the Old West

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Index & Summaries of Old West Lawmen

Lawmen & Gunfighters Slideshow: (See Below)


Full Articles:


Burton Alvord - Lawman Turned Outlaw

Arizona Rangers

Elfego Baca & The "Frisco War”

Bud Ballew - Gunfighter & Lawman of Oklahoma

Roy Bean - The Law West of the Pecos

Johnny Harris Behan - First Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona

Hamilton Butler Bell - Transforming Wicked Dodge City

George Bravin - Tombstone's British Marshal

William Milton Breckenridge - Lawman, Surveyor & Author

Jack L. Bridges - Kansas Lawman

William "Billy" Brooks - Lawman and Horse Thief

Henry Newton Brown - Outlaw Marshal of Kansas

Seth Bullock - Finest Type of Frontiersman

Rufus Cannon - Important African-American U.S. Deputy Marshal

William Carr - Heroic Deputy or Outlaw?

Scott Cooley - Texas Ranger Turned Killer

Fred Dodge - Undercover Detective

Wyatt Earp - Frontier Lawman of the American West

My Friend Wyatt Earp by Bat Masterson

Wyatt Earp in "Arizona The Youngest State"

Virgil Earp - Upholding the Law of the West

Frank B. "Pistol Pete" Eaton - Fastest Draw in Indian Territory

Camillus Sidney Fly - Arizona Photographer and Lawman

Henry Garfias - 1st Marshal of Phoenix

Pat Garrett - An Unlucky Lawman

Wild Bill Hickok & The Dead Man's Hand

John B. Jones - Commanding the Texas Rangers

Fred Lambert - Lawman & Artist of Cimarron, New Mexico

John M. Larn - Vigilante, Outlaw, Lawman

Frank Latta - How Skill Caught a Criminal and Luck Saved the Lawman's Life

William Sidney "Cap" Light - Texas Marshal and Soapy Smith Man

The Death of Sheriff Tom Logan

"Big Steve" Long, Outlaw Lawman

George Maledon - Prince of Hangmen

Bat Masterson - King of the Gun Players

Mysterious Dave Mather - Lawman or Outlaw?

Daniel Boone May - Protecting the Deadwood Stage

Sherman McMasters - Outlaw or Lawman?

U.S. Marshal Evett Nix - Bringing Down the Doolin-Dalton Gang

Tom Nixon - Buffalo Hunter & Lawman

Robert Ollinger - Killer With a Badge

Judge Isaac Parker - Hanging Judge of Indian Territory

Peace Officers of Arizona

The Pinkertons - Operating For 150 Years

Henry Plummer - Sheriff Meets a Noose

The Texas Rangers - Order Out of Chaos

Bass Reeves - Black Hero Marshal

A.J. Royal - One Bad Pecos County Sheriff

Charles Angelo Siringo - Cowboy Detective

Texas John Slaughter - Taming Arizona

James L. "Whispering" Smith - Riding the Rails

Thomas "Bear River” Smith - Marshalling Abilene

Dallas Stoudenmire - Taming El Paso

Heck Thomas - Tough Law in Indian Territory

Ben Thompson and Other Noted Gunmen

Bill Tilghman - Thirty Years a Lawman

"Dangerous Dan" Tucker - Lawman of New Mexico

Big Dave Updyke - Crooked Sheriff of Ada County, Idaho

U.S. Marshals- Two Centuries of Bravery

Shootout at the Pembina Post Office

Stephen Venard - Goldrush Lawman

"Bigfoot" Wallace - A Texas Folk Hero

John Joshua "J.J." Webb - Lawman Turned Outlaw

Fred White - Tombstone's First Marshal


Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers.

This image available for photographic prints

 and downloads HERE!

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.

-- Wyatt Earp


Old West Lawmen book by Legends of America




Did You Know??

The main characters of the Dalton Gang – brothers, Grat, Bob and Emmett all wore badges before moving to the other side of the law.


Greetings From the Old West


James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok

James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok

This image available for photographic prints and downloads HERE!




Deaths & Graves of the Old West

List of Explorers

List of Lawmen

List of Old West Outlaws

List of Trail Blazers & Cowboys

Time Line of the American West

Words of the West

Women of the American West


The Cattle Trail in 1905The Old West Photo Gallery - From notorious outlaws, to buffalo roaming the range, and pioneers on the trail, this collection of vintage photographs provides dramatic glimpses into the rich heritage of the American West.  Vintage photographs can be ordered in either black and white or sepia tone.


Lawmen & Gunfighters Slideshow:



All images available for photo prints and commercial downloads HERE!


Old West Lawmen, by Kathy Weiser-Alexander and Legends of AmericaOld West Lawmen -  By Kathy Weiser, Owner/Editor of Legends of America - Autographed - Marshals and sheriffs were in high demand in some of the most lawless settlements as well as the numerous mining camps that dotted the West. Though the vast majority of these lawmen were honorable and heroic figures, ironically, many of them rode both sides of the fence and were known as outlaws as well. 

Old West Lawmen is a collection of stories featuring 57 lawmen. Included are more than 70 vintage photographs plus articles about various organizations like the Texas Rangers, U.S. Marshals, and the Pinkerton Detective Agency. This is the first in a series of books to be published on
Legends of America's favorite topic -- The Old West. Soon, you'll see outlaws, lynchings, stagecoaches, and bunches more. Signed by the author. 7"x10" paperback -- 228 pages.


Made in the USA. Retail - $17.95 ~ Our Price - $14.95!  See HERE!   Buy Product


Also available for Kindle through Amazon for only $9.99 (Separate Shopping Cart) - Click HERE for Kindle


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