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If you love Route 66, enjoy coloring, and like to share with others, this book is for you! The Route 66 Postcard Coloring Book contains 20 postcards of various places along America's Mother Road, each ready for your own artistic touch. Made in Missouri, U.S.A.  For more information, visit Legends' General Store.




St. Augustine, Florida's Historic Gem - Our video looking at the history and some of the sites from our 2017 visit to America's Oldest City.




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American Factoids:


What does the flag of the United States represent?


The U.S. flag has 13 red and white stripes, symbolizing the original 13 colonies. The 50 white stars on a blue background in the upper left corner represent the number of states in the union.

What are the colors of the United States, and what do they symbolize?

Red – hardiness and valor
White – purity and innocence
Blue – vigilance, perseverance, justice


What are the largest (most populous) cities in the United States?

New York City
Los Angeles




Native American Facts & Trivia

  • In 1820 more than 20,000 Indians lived in virtual slavery in the California missions.

  • More than 50% of state names are based on Native American words. Twenty-seven state names have Indian meanings including Utah, named for the Ute tribe; Kentucky, which means planted field in the Iroquois language; Kansas, named for the Kanza (Kaw) tribe; and dozens more.

  • There are approximately 296 spoken (or formerly spoken) indigenous languages north of Mexico. Hundreds of other have entirely ceased to exist.

  • There were an estimated 18-20 million Native Americans living in the United States when Europeans first arrived.

  • According to the 2010 Census, 5.2 million people in the United States are  identified as American Indian and Alaska Native, either alone or in combination with one or more other races, comprising 1.7% percent of the total population.


Pic Fave of the Moment

 Monarch Butterfiles and Penninsula Point, Michigan

Monarch Butterfiles and Penninsula Point, Michigan by Kathy Weiser.

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Did You Know?


Spindletop was the largest gusher the world had seen when it blew in 1901.


Lucus Gusher, Beaumont, Texas, 1901Largest Gusher


At the end of the 19th century, the Southeast Texas economy relied on agriculture, cattle ranching, and the lumber business, and though the presence of oil was known, it wouldn't be until 1901 that the oil industry would change the landscape of the region.


Spindletop was the largest gusher the world had seen and catapulted Beaumont, Texas into an oil-fueled boomtown. Beaumont's population of 10,000 tripled in three months and eventually rose to 50,000. Speculation led land prices to increase rapidly and by the end of 1902, more than 500 companies had been formed, including Gulf Oil and Texaco, and 285 wells were in operation.


Spindletop was the first oil field found on the US Gulf Coast, and prompted a frenzy of oil exploration known as the Texas Oil Boom. The United States soon became the world's leading oil producer.



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Dave and Kathy at Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona

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