Haunting Stories From Our Readers



Haunted Barr Lake, Colorado

Buffalo Ranch Haunting in Colorado

The Ghost of Armbruster Pike, NV

Haunted Caulderwood Manor – Gladstone, NJ

A Haunted Apartment in Woodstock, Ohio

A Haunted House in Cordell, OK

A Haunted House in Cripple Creek, CO

Haunted Restaurant in Honesdale, PA

Haunting Testimonials From Our Readers

Kennewick, Washington’s Haunted House

La Llorona in Albuquerque, NM

Witch's cauldron

Las Brujas (The Witches) of Seville, CA

The Legend of Bone Hill in Levasy, MO

The Legend of Coyote De La Muerte – Mexico

Little White Men in Kentucky

A Sad Ghost Story in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Suitcase Jane Doe

The Union Missouri Haunting


What? And did the thing appear again tonight? 

Shakespeare, “Hamlet”