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Little girl, W.B. Poynter, 1916


I bought a 90-year-old farmhouse, on 1 acre of city land, in Okmulgee, OK.

My farmhouse sits at one end of the acre, with the rest of the land being pasture. Across from my pasture is a vacant lot that has a small handmade cross with stuffed animals all around it.

Before moving in, I had my house saged by an elderly Creek tribal member. I ask if anything had been in my home.

His answer was, “Footsteps. I heard small footsteps 3 times. Then I sent it away.”

The previous owner never lived in this home. She had bought it to remodel/sell. She has an autistic teenage son. He wanted to see the house once more after I closed on it.

When we entered the house, he noticed the smudge pot and sage. I told him an Indian man cleansed the house.

Although he was autistic, he looked me straight in the eye and said he hoped that man got rid of the footsteps!

I was shocked to hear him say this because they had never been inside at night. And had never spent a night here.

Weeks later I found out that the cross across from my pasture was in remembrance of a young girl that had been left alone in a shack that had burned down. With her inside.

The STRANGEST part is, whenever the stuffed animals start getting dirty, new/clean ones appear. No one is ever seen doing this. Not even the house right next door to the empty lot with the cross. And, all family members are either deceased or have moved away.

Submitted by Vicki Parrish, 2021.

I Can’t Believe I’m Seeing This…….

My daughter had just turned nine-years-old when out of the blue, she developed an invisible friend. We’d hear her talking to her “friend” and think nothing of it until things began to take a weird twist.

In my daughter’s room, the T.V. began to come on at random times and turn channels all by itself.  At another time the kids would be watching television in another room when suddenly the channels would begin to change. Apparently, “someone” loved Cartoon Network and Nick Jr.   This unexplainable event scared my kids to death.  My six-year-old son wouldn’t even go in his sister’s bedroom.

One night I said to my husband, “I wonder if I asked “her” to turn it off and go to sleep would it happen, or say: not to turn it on, would it come on?  I was only joking of course, but that very same night we were awakened about 3:00 a.m. by the television that turned on in my daughter’s room. Afterward, my daughter unplugged it and covered it with a blanket. That’s been about a year ago. It’s still covered.

Two weeks ago when my husband was returning from the store, he came in white as a sheet saying he thought he had run over a little girl in front of our house. We looked everywhere for that child and turned up nothing. The next day I told my dad about this and he said that about the same time he heard a child (a little girl) calling out for help and crying.  That is only a few of the weird thing that has happened here. Needless to say, we’re in the process of moving.

Submitted Anonymously

Chickasaw Council House

The Chickasaw Council House is a small cabin located inside the Chickasaw Council House Museum in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. One day I was walking through the deserted museum when I encountered voices from the past. Not a single visitor was at the museum — it was only me and the Cultural Programs person that were in the entire building. When the phone rang, she took the call and I wandered off, nearing the log cabin structure. Walking around this historic building, I soon approached the southern window. At the time, I remember thinking about the many government meetings that had been held there when it was the seat of tribal government.

For some reason, the strangest vision popped into my mind — not like I was hearing it, but like I was “remembering” it. I “heard” a group of men’s voices shouting at each other, hands slapping on a scarred long wooden table and suddenly a shiny knife slamming down into the wood, inches from the slapping hands and the arguments growing more heated. I kept walking and then paused to look into the window, noticing that the long wooden table that was on display looked very much like the one I had been thinking about.

Just then the Tribal worker returned, apologizing for the telephone call and stated that we could get back to planning our project. Then she stopped for a minute and said: “Do you mind if we go to the other side of the building to the offices, they’re shouting and arguing today.” She then turned and walked to the offices. It struck me that we had both been “hearing” the same thing.  I asked her about it when we got to the offices, especially the image of the knife slamming into the table but all she would say was, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

I wasn’t scared….it wasn’t like something was there….more like a memory that was just hanging around just a hundred years later.

Author’s name omitted by request, October 2005

Ghosts of the South Side of Chicago

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

When I was a little girl at the age of nine, my family was living on the south side of Chicago. We moved into a co-op and the first year everything seemed nice and normal.  Then one night as I was getting ready for bed, I took my stuffed toy dog, kissed him goodnight, placed him on a chair, and crawled into bed.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by voices and opened my eyes to see at least a dozen ghosts flying over my head and talking. They were very cheerful and seemed to fly right through each other.  I could not see their faces and they were all wearing dark brown long cloaks.  They looked a little like the ghost of Christmas yet to come from the Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens. At first I thought I must be dreaming!

I laid in bed and pretended to be asleep when suddenly one of the ghosts stopped and petted my stuffed toy dog. I squinted my eyes and turned over when I heard one of the ghosts say, “Is she awake?”  Then another responded, “No, she’s still asleep.”

They continued to fly through my room for at least an hour or so, continuing to laugh and talk. Though I couldn’t understand what they were saying, they sounded very friendly.

When I finally opened my eyes, they all said, “She’s awake!”  Then they flew into all four corners of my room and disappeared. The next morning when I woke up, my stuffed dog was leaning over lopsided. The experience did kind of freak me out. I never saw a ghost in my room or anywhere else ever again.

This event took place back in 1974 and since then I have always been intrigued by ghost stories.

Submitted By:  Justine Putnam, September 2005

Ghost in Hawaii Military Housing

My husband is in the military and we recently moved to Hawaii. As long as I can remember I’ve been able to sense spirits. So, when we moved into our new home I was relieved to find it “dead”(meaning I didn’t sense any ghosts). Yet to my surprise, we have four spirits who come to visit. I awoke one evening after hearing some of our doors slamming shut. There in our doorway stood a little Hawaiian girl staring curiously. I could also hear the giggles of two Hawaiian boys running through the house being very mischievous. I turned to wake my husband up and looming over him was an old Hawaiian man. He seemed important, something like a medicine man, but this frightened me. I shook my husband awake and the spirits, I assume, sensing my fear vanished. They come and go during the day now, seemingly coming through a crawl hole space in my daughter’s closet. If we shut her closet door they stay out, which we do at night. “Company” is fine during the day, but at night I’d rather my daughter and I sleep undisturbed.

Submitted By:  Erica Wilson, September 2005

Stuck in My Home

Two years ago a young lady named Carol rented our home. After just a few weeks she died of cancer inside the home. At the time of her death, her ex-husband was attempting to take their three-year-old daughter away from her family.

Since last fall when I returned to this house, many strange things have happened such as the lights turning on and stereo turning on of their own accord, and items are found missing only to turn up later at an obvious spot that they do not belong. However, the most disturbing problem for me is that every morning I hear the sound of a radio or TV. At first, I thought it was coming from a house next door which is under construction – perhaps, workers leaving a radio set to turn on at a certain time.  Since the new house did not have walls up yet, I soon went over and thoroughly searched the house, only to find nothing.

This spring when I returned to my home again, I am again hearing this radio. It is especially audible when I have a fan by my bed.  There were times I could hear the weather report, and the voice of a man, then a woman.  Not long ago, I heard a child say, “it’s ok mommy.”  I tried recording this but when I pushed the buttons nothing happened. When I pickup up the recorder, the batteries fell out.

I am having a mass said for her this Wednesday and have sprinkled holy water about the house. I have asked her kindly to leave but she is apparently not at peace, dying under terrible circumstances. Our priest believes that she is stuck.

Submitted by Nell, July 2005

Did I See a Ghost?

After I had moved into a new house and had been living in it for about three years when something very strange happened. Up until then, I had never seen anything out of the normal, just heard a few thumps in the night, but never thought it was strange. However, on this night I was getting ready to go to bed and was putting my earplugs in facing the mirror. Suddenly I thought I heard a noise coming from above my room. As I looked back to the mirror I saw the window curtain behind me move as if someone had passed or a breeze had hit it. Frightened, I went to the window but it wasn’t open. I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was so tired and so scared that I finally fell asleep with the night light on.

I never knew what the incident was about and after a few months, I forgot about it until another very strange thing occurred. The house is very large with lots of rooms and hallways. As I was in the back of the house letting my dog in, I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye. It appeared to be several little girls running down the hall. Terrified, I ran from the house wondering how I could have a shadow when no one else was in the hallway. How could this be? I decided never to talk about these incidents or even ask my parents about the house’s previous owners. To this day, I still sleep with a night light and never go out of my room unless someone is with me, even if I’m not sure whether or not I saw a ghost.

Submitted by Brian, July 2005

When I Used To Talk To Walls

In the summer of 1991, my father passed away from cancer. At his funeral, my mother buried him with a ring that he had given her on their first date. As you can imagine, my mother was depressed for a long time over his death.

When I was younger my mother would constantly walk into a room and find me talking to what she thought was inanimate objects. However, she just pushed it off, assuming that I talking to an imaginary friend. This continued until I was almost nine years old when she finally said, “Aren’t you a little old to have imaginary friends?”  I told her I wasn’t talking to an imaginary friend and described my friend to her – what he looked like, how old he was, etc. She thought that I was just playing until my ninth birthday when the man gave me a present – a ring. When I showed it to my mother she started to cry instantly. When I asked her why she was crying she said she believed me about my friend and told me the story about my father and the ring. To this day I still keep in touch with my special friend.

Submitted by Robert Durst who is now 14 years old. June 2005.

A Ghostly Attack

Years ago when I was about ten years of age, I was actually attacked by an apparition. My family and I lived in an apartment in a small Arizona town. It was early in the morning and my dad had not yet come home from work. At the time my parents had been studying Wicca and were dabbling in White Magic. Everyone in the house was still asleep. I dreamed that I was playing with my older sister’s doll — Angie. My sisters wanted to go to the park and I told them no, I wanted to go later as I was playing with the doll. The doll had a long white gown and long straight black hair. I felt a scratch on the inside of my right arm and suddenly woke up as it hurt badly. I looked down the hall and saw a tall thin figure of a woman in a long white gown with dark straight hair leaving my bedroom. I looked at my arm and saw three long scratch marks that resembled the devil’s pitchfork and my arm was bleeding. I went down the hall to see if anyone was up but no one was. I stayed on the couch for the rest of the morning. When my dad came home, he asked what I was doing up and I told him I could not sleep. When mom got up I told her the story, but no one could figure out what had happened. I have never before or after been attacked by a spirit or entity.

Now, my mom, I, my daughter, and several other family members have paranormal experiences often. I often know when people are going to die before it happens, and I have known when other things will happen as well. Until recently I was afraid of the gift but I have since been studying Wicca and Spiritualism and understand things better. I have had nights when spirits visit me in bed, or they appear to talk to me in rambunctious groups (it sounds like groups). I have seen the light without being sick or dying but I was told I could not stay. I am not afraid of these things anymore and am taking measures to understand them. My dog does get bothered by a spirit in our new apartment and was attacked on several occasions in a house I purchased. I tell the spirits that bother him to leave and they do. My daughter is also studying the paranormal and although right now she is afraid, I think that once she understands she will be okay.

Submitted anonymously, July 2005

Staring in the Mirror

Lemp-Charles Room

The Charles Lemp Room. Look very closely at the mirror on the door. Do you see anything??? Click on the picture to see a larger version and you can also see several orbs in this room, Kathy Weiser. From our Lemp Mansion story.

This story is probably different from the many others you have heard.  I think the key to this was that prior to this experience, I had been trying to become more religious and more Christian like.

I had just smoked a little weed with a friend and went inside my house as he headed home. As soon as I stepped into my room I was overwhelmed with an intense feeling — a feeling I couldn’t begin to describe.  The only thing I can say is that I was shaking and on the point of tears.  I believe it was some type of spirit, though I’m not sure if it was good or evil.

After kneeling down on one knee and trying to figure out why I felt the way I did, I heard a strong voice in my head. However, it was the strangest thing, as the voice wasn’t speaking to me in words, but I knew what it was trying to say. It told me to go in the bathroom, take my contacts out, and look directly in the mirror.  When I did as I was told, I experienced something totally out of the ordinary as I was looking in the mirror. Staring directly into my own eyes the strange feeling intensified and everything except my head was blurred out. Suddenly, I saw my eyes pop out! The only way I can describe it was similar to looking at a 3D book. When you’re supposed to cross your eyes, certain images pop up. Well, that’s how my eyes popped out at me. Then my mouth started moving and spitting out words that I wasn’t thinking of on my own. The only phrase I remember is saying, “Oh my dear God, I am changing right before my own eyes.”

It’s been about three months since this happened to me.  Afterward, it was like something took over my whole body. I kneeled down on my knees and my elbows hit the floor when suddenly my thumbs went straight on the upper part of my eye (right over my eyelids but under my eyebrows.)  At this point, it was like something was speaking to me – through me! Once again, my mouth started moving and words started coming out o my mouth, but they weren’t my words. It told me not even to try to move — that I was frozen in time for that moment. I remained in that position for a good half hour while this “spirit” talked to me. (I believe it was either God or Satan.)  The things it told me are too personal for me to share — all I can say is that what “it” told me were things that scared the living sh** out of me. The really weird thing is that when I walked out of the bathroom and looked at the clock, it said that only a couple minutes had passed.

I fell asleep scared, and woke up twice just as frightened, wanting to believe it never happened.  I am dying to know if anybody had experienced anything remotely close to what I have experienced. Please email me if you can relate. Please email me if you can relate.

Submitted by Bryan Weber, June, 2005

Haunted Still …..

Living with ghosts isn’t easy. Mine are tolerable but it sickens me to no end knowing that I can never get any privacy. I also feel like hauntings are very sad, as these lost spirits are not living with the truth – they need to turn to the light and move on.

I have found that by sleeping on the edge of my bed, it helps to keep the spirits from sitting there. However, this doesn’t stop the paranormal thumping on my bed. After a while, it stops and all is quiet until it is time for me to awaken. Then it starts up again.

If I wake up during the night, this unseen entity seeming realizes that I’m awake and the thumping starts up again. I’ve tried the coded knocking sequence, asking for four thumps for a “yes”; however, I have counted as many as twelve thumps after this request. This ridiculous!

I have felt a feathery grip attempt to remove my c-pap headgear [nasal mask] from my face. I have also felt feathery thumps on my chest and have been shaken violently by my feet. At other times, this unseen spirit acts as an alarm clock, slapping my feet to wake me up at the time I usually rise. Unfortunately, they seemingly cannot distinguish the difference between weekends and weekdays.

It’s been a while since these things have happened, but I still hear spirits in my head calling me with terrible phrases such as: “You are [bleeping] hypocrite-you know that? A [bleeping] hypocrite!”

I get the strongest feeling that some other spirit is trying to keep some of these shenanigans at bay; however, I don’t like any of this at all! I have spoken aloud so that they can hear. But having had a near-death experience myself, I can understand why they do not listen.

I have discovered that I have lived around ghosts all my life, I just never knew they were there. The paranormal activity got really bad about 1996, and one of these “entities” wears a hood too….!

Submitted Anonymously – June 2005

A Ghostly Friend

A couple of months ago my niece was killed after having an automobile accident. Her name was Keshia, she was just 14 years old, and a wonderful person.

She was with a friend that had just gotten her driver’s license when the tragedy occurred. While riding along with her friend in a van, her friend lost control of the vehicle and they hit a power pole. Though startled, the two were ok until Keshia got out of the vehicle. When she did, a power line came down upon her and she was electrocuted.

When my step-sister Kelli, who was Keshia’s best friend, and I heard the news from my father, we were shocked. Standing there speechless, I soon began to notice that the room got very cold. I knew there was a spirit there but wasn’t sure if it was Keshia or a little girl that has been haunting our house. After we heard the terrible news, Kelli and I went outside. It was raining with lots of thunder and lightning. Suddenly, we both looked at each other and Kelli said, “Tasha, no.” I felt that Keshia was there and said to Kelli, “Keshia is with us.” Kelli responded that she had felt a hand upon her shoulder.

Later that night, I saw the little girl that haunts our house and for the rest of the night, she followed me through our home and up and down the stairs. Finally, when I went to bed, I couldn’t take it anymore, I told her to leave me alone.  She responded by putting her hand on the bed and then she left.

Now, I believe that on the hardest night of my life, that ghostly little girl, that I don’t even know, was trying to help me. I feel bad that I made her leave but I couldn’t take it anymore. All I could think about was my niece. In Loving Memory Of Keshia. We love you.

Submitted by: Tasha Lynn Carman – I am now 15 and it has been a couple of months since my niece was killed. In the meantime, I have only seen the little girl a couple of times. Everyone at high school misses Keshia a lot. If you would like to contact Tasha, you can email her, May, 2005

A Haunted Apartment in Longview, Washington

Hi, my name is Jojo and this is a story about my mom’s apartment that I know very well. When I was about 16, I woke up to the sound of children laughing and running out in front of my bedroom door. Thinking it was my little brother, I got up to quiet him, but soon found he was fast asleep.

When I went back to bed I heard the children’s sounds again, followed by a high pitched child’s scream! Afterward, I began to hear water running in the bathroom like a bath was being drawn. Getting up, I went across the hall to the bathroom where the light was on, though it hadn’t been on before and no one was in there. I checked to see if the faucet in the bath was running, and it was not —  in fact, the tub was dry as a bone. Eerily, I continued to hear the sounds of water flowing. Looking back at the bathtub, I briefly saw someone floating as if they had drowned. Then suddenly, the tub returned to normal — nobody, no water, nothing out of the ordinary.

Though I was frightened, I went back to bed again and within moments heard little girls playing outside my bedroom door. Determined to ignore it, I did nothing until I heard a horrible voice saying “Get Down Here!” My immediate thought was that the voice was talking to the little girls. As I sat up in bed, I heard a loud gunshot, a girl screamed, then another gunshot. For long moments, it was still and quiet. Then, I heard the sounds of cupboard doors slamming, followed by yet, another gunshot. By this time, I was starting to think that I was crazy until my little brother screamed. Rushing to him, I asked what the problem was and he told me he had heard a gunshot.

Frightened and curious, I began to explore the internet and found that an old man, who was very abusive to his grandchildren, once lived in this apartment.  But the abusiveness didn’t stop there, he ended up killing all three of them. He murdered his grandson by drowning him in the tub and killed his two granddaughters with a shotgun.

I have since talked to the ghostly spirits of these children, asking them why they will not move on, only to find out that their grandfather will not let them. To make matters worse, my little brother has been haunted in his dreams by an evil spirit who abuses him during his sleep.

Submitted by Jojo – I am a student at Lewis High school of Longview, Washington and I have never believed in ghosts until this incident. April 2005

Well, Jojo was looking for some help in ridding these ghosts but provided a bad email address, so while we posted the story, the writer cannot be contacted..

The Woman at the Foot of My Bed

It all started when my parents found a 175-year-old cabin in Pennsylvania. From the moment my mom saw the old building, she fell in love with it and soon my parents bought it. The cabin was old, rundown and not taken very good care of in the past, so immediately we began to fully restore it.

From the first night that we lived there, we knew that we were not alone. Even though my parents had locked all of the doors and windows and no one was heard entering the house, we were all awakened by mysterious footsteps. The next morning my dad went to check where he heard the footsteps and saw a trail of footprints that appeared out of nowhere then just as suddenly disappeared. This was just the first occasion of many other strange occurrences.

When I was about nine years old, my room was located upstairs and I never liked it because it sometimes grew very cold for no apparent reason. When this happened it scared me badly and I would shut my eyes tightly. However, one night when I just couldn’t get to sleep, I dared to open my eyes and at the foot of my bed was an unidentifiable creature. The creature stayed at the foot of my bed for quite a while until I finally gained enough courage to confront it, saying: “Lease, you are not welcome here!” Immediately it disappeared.

I also recall many other times when I couldn’t get to sleep because of a silhouette appearing at the end of the bed. Very scared, I would always sleep with the covers over my head because I was afraid of what these creatures might be.

On many occasions, we would have guests stay the night and though we never told them about these strange occurrences, they would often report seeing the figure of a young woman in a white dress appearing at the end of their bed. If you can explain these strange occurrences please tell me because I have been wondering this for a very long time. If you think you might know anything about this topic please email me.

Submitted by Alex – April 2005

Little Blue Boy Road

I was traveling the back roads surrounding Hutchinson, Kansas one night and my friend had told me the story of little boy blue. Apparently, little boy blue had drowned in a creek off the road. My friend and I drove down this road and I got the sense of something odd and I started crying. When we passed the bridge where little boy blue had died, I felt it. We parked the car and sat for a while. Then the car’s lights started flashing (blinkers, headlights, taillights, dome lights, inside lights.) So we drove on. Then we saw two orbs of light up ahead and we thought it was another car. We never passed another car and there were no turn-offs on the road. I know little boy blue haunts that road and he is a friendly spirit.

Anonymous – March 2005

Sick of Ghosts

I have lived with ghosts for a long while, but this is beginning to be too much. Whilst I suffer not many of the outrages other folks do, for which I am grateful, I have finally come to my wit’s end.

Every night, someone sits at the end of my bed. I know who it is. It is one of my closest old friends. Perhaps my friend, Rick, is sorry he didn’t listen to me when I warned him about his weight. He passed away three years ago.

However; either my ghostly friend Rick or perhaps me, has attracted more unwelcome visitors. Recently, I noticed a new spirit, even bigger than my friend Rick, sinking into the foot of my bed.

At first, I thought it was my old friend, but the weight was heavier than before.  Then, I actually saw the big fellow walking on thin air. He simply looked at me as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I continued to see him for the next three nights. Then, I heard from another friend, who happened to be this large man’s neighbor, that he had died just three days ago.

Even before my friend Rick, there was a strange woman that always sat along the side of my bed. Usually, about 30 minutes after I had dozed off to sleep, I would often awake to someone shaking the bed and hearing a raspy voice saying: “Take your goddamned pants off!”  Of course, when I looked up, no one was there.

On other occasions I have heard the sound of an older woman talking, saying: “Thank you.” or “I am not leaving – if anyone is leaving it is …” before her voice trailed off.

Yes, I think my father hangs about too.  Once I heard him say: “I ain’t leaving so forget it!”

On yet another occasion, I heard a raspy, but soft voice, say my name. And, on another night I heard a voice saying: You are one fucking hypocrite-you know that? One fucking hypocrite!” When I heard that one, I was so paralyzed I couldn’t move and began to pray. Then, I began to say in my mind, “I can beat you – we can beat you!” I thought it was a demon, but because it left so quickly, I don’t think it was.

Submitted by Tom, March 2005

About Tom – I rarely hear the “dead” but I have heard barely audible human voices. I cannot always make out what they are saying, In other occasions, I have heard bags popping, my leg gently tapped, feet gently slapped, and more physical touches, such as a strong feather.

La Llorona or Bloody Mary?

Last year, in the sixth grade, I became very interested in the paranormal. My friend Ngoc told me to play the “age-old” game of standing before a mirror reciting the words “Bloody Mary” several times in a row.

I wanted to try it but was too spooked to do it alone. So, one day a friend and I stayed after school after everyone had left except one teacher who was upstairs on the second floor. Walking through the empty hallways, we went to the girl’s bathroom and began to say “Bloody Mary” in front of the mirror. When we said it for the fifth time, we heard the sound of a very strange voice. We were so frightened we ran like hell out of the bathroom, seeing no one in the hallways of the empty school.

Two days later, I was asleep in my bedroom on the second floor of my home when I was suddenly awakened by the sound of crying. It was 2:00 a.m., my parents were downstairs sleeping and no radios or televisions were on in the house. I was terribly frightened as the crying sounded as if it were coming from a young woman right in my room. Finally, I got the courage to look up out of the covers to see a lady standing next to my bed weeping. Her pale, tear-streaked face was surrounded by a mass by unruly black hair and she wore a torn white gown. Continuing to cry, she just stared at me until I finally said, “Leave me alone!!!” Then she disappeared. But, I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

The next night I dreamed that the spirit of a woman was choking me. She looked like a combination of both Bloody Mary and La Llorona and when I looked up, I saw the crying lady again. Suddenly, I woke up, but I still couldn’t breathe and it felt like someone was with me. After a couple of minutes, I could finally breathe again.

I feel as if by chanting “Bloody Mary,” I somehow drew these spirits to me and it was a very scary experience. Though I didn’t like it, I still want to explore the paranormal.   However, I’m afraid I might get bewitched and my parents think I might go to hell if I continue.

Submitted by Kiki, March 2005

About Kiki: I am a Mexican, 7th-grade girl of medium height with long black hair, light brown skin and proud of it! I love paranormal stuff but it can sometimes really come back to haunt me and freak me out!

There’s a Hungry Chinese Man in My House!

My friend Callie and I were having a sleepover at our friend Katey’s house when we all had a very strange experience in the middle of the night. We all fell asleep at about 2:00 o’clock in the morning in the living room, which was right next to the kitchen. Around 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. all three of us were awakened suddenly by a sound in the kitchen.  Spooked, we sat very still saying nothing, but we had all heard something in the kitchen. At first, I thought, “well, it’s just a family member,” but I had a very weird vibe about this.

I heard a chair scrape across the kitchen floor and all three of us heard the sound of the refrigerator being opened. Katey, sleeping in the recliner, was the only one that could see into the kitchen and claimed to have seen a very tall Chinese man standing before the refrigerator drinking from their milk jug.

The next morning Katey asked her mother if she comes down in the night. She answered yes, that she had, to turn out the lights that we had left on. However, these light switches are on the stair landing, not near the kitchen.

Both Callie and Katey have also heard the sounds of Chinese music playing randomly while on the computer. Though we will probably never know exactly what happened that night, we are investigating. From now on, I think Katey will begin to stock egg rolls in her refrigerator.

Submitted by Gabby, March 2005.

About Gabby: I am a girl who is interested in ghosts but a bit spooked by them!!!

Old Man Ghost

Old Man Ghost

Ghosts Around Me

I guess I started to notice ghosts when I was a teen. We lived in a house that I found out later was built upon the site where Native American tribes did their trading many years ago. In both the house I lived in and the neighboring house, there were places that just felt very strange to be in. In our home, it seems that after the previous owner died, he stuck around to look after the house.

He had a knack for taking things of mine like my toothbrush for a week or two, then returning it clear at the other end of the house. One night I heard knocking on one of my bedroom windows but when I got up and looked outside, no one was there. Returning to bed the knocking began again and the windows fogged up on the outside. By the time I heard the last loud rap, I was buried under the blankets with my head covered.

Years later when I got married, my husband and I moved to a two-story duplex. After some time, odd things began to happen again. The first was after I gave birth to my daughter. When my older step-son was making a bottle for my daughter, the nipple and ring, which were always on the kitchen counter, were mysteriously found on top of the washing machine.

On another occasion when I was sitting on the couch one evening, I noticed a bit of light flashing in through the spaces around the door to the garage. When I investigated, I found the hazard lights blinking on my husband’s work truck. The funny thing is that the hazard lights never worked on that truck.  When I went to turn them off, I found the truck locked, which was also unusual since he never locked the truck when it was in the garage.

When I became pregnant for the second time, these ghostly visits increased dramatically. I began to dream of people I’d never seen before, smelled things like perfume, wood smoke and toast in the middle of the night, and got mental pictures of people I didn’t know. Later, I found out from a friend that a former farmer who once owned the property had evidently decided to stick around after his death. According to my sister, this farmer has often talked to her and since I have now moved on to Idaho, she has asked her where I have gone.

I am sure there were other spirits in that house as well. On a few occasions when I would enter the house, I would be met with a very nasty smell. After doing a little research on this phenomenon, I learned that these odors can be created by malignant spirits that should be shooed away as quickly as possible.

There are many stories I have of myself and my family but too many to list here.

Submitted by Britt, March 2005.

About Britt: I am a married mother of 2 children, with a third one on the way, as well as two stepsons. I am 33 and live a relatively quiet life but am ready to get back to a coastal state.

Midnight’s Gift

My name is Midnight’s Misty Moon. I have had the gift ever since I was a child. When I first started noticing things, it scared me bad but as I got older, I learned to harness the ability that I have. I dreamed of our house burning down before it did, it burned down the day before my high school graduation. I dreamed of my first ex-husband and bad things to come. I dreamed of getting hit by a semi-tractor trailer and it actually happened. A boy died in the accident when caused the accident by running out into the road into the oncoming path of the semi. I dreamed of him for years after that.

I’ve always lived in houses where spirits have come to me. I’m like a ghost magnet. I’ve had things move around me and things touch me, without any explanation. My children have had things happen to them as well. It can be unnerving at times. Just this past year, my grandmother died. I dreamed of her death and she died just the way she did in my dream even down to the clothes that she was wearing when she passed. My grandmother and I had made a pact together that if one died before the other, to contact that person from the other side. Well, my grandmother did come to me. She let me know she was ok then she disappeared. This is nothing new to me now. I use my ability and gift to help others. I can also tell if a person around me is going to die. It’s just a feeling that comes over me. Sometimes I say nothing, what can I say to that person? I continue to have dreams that plague me and visions. Only time will tell what they will become.

Submitted by Midnight, March 2005.

About Midnight: I am a 39-year-old mom. I have three sons, am single, part Cherokee and Scottish. I take pride in my ancestry. I follow the red road always. I like to try to help others but please don’t ask me to predict the lottery for you, it does not work that way.

Watching Over

The other night my dad was hit by a car. He had only a broken arm and was going to be fine. Later that night, I saw a figure of an old lady. It was my dad’s grandmother, who had died three years before I was born. I knew it was her because of all the pictures I had seen the years before. I think she was there that night to look over us. She appeared at the foot of my bed with a smile, like everything was going to be okay.

Submitted by Josh, March 2005

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