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Lawman List - I-K

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  • Tom Irvan - Sheriff of Custer County, Montana, who gained a reputation as one of the state's most famous manhunters.


  • Dunk Jefferson - Served as a Texas Ranger in 1877 under Pat Dolan and was one of his most efficient men.

  • Napoleon Augustus Jennings (1856-1919) - A Texas Ranger in 1876-1877, he was with the group that ended the Sutton-Taylor feud.

  • Bill Johnson (18??-1881) - El Paso, Texas Assistant Marshal was killed by Dallas Stoudenmire on April 17, 1881.

  • Charles Johnson - Served in Company E of the Texas Rangers in 1892.

  • Edwin W. Johnson (1853-1931) - Served as a law officer in Arkansas and Texas before becoming a U.S. Deputy Marshal for western Indian Territory. Later, he moved to California, where he served as a deputy sheriff in Los Angeles until his death. 

  • Grant Johnson (1858-1929) - An African-American U.S. Deputy Marshal in Indian Territory. Serving under Judge Isaac Parker for at least 14 years, he was known to be one of the most effective U.S. Deputy Marshals in Indian Territory.

  • John "Turkey Creek Jack" Johnson (1852?-1887?) - A lawman and gunfighter, Johnson was known to be in Deadwood, South Dakota and Dodge City, Kansas before arriving in Tombstone, Arizona. He worked as a deputy marshal with the Earps and was part of the posse that killed Frank Stillwell in Tucson, Arizona.

  • William H. Johnson (18??-1878) - After serving as a Confederate captain in the Civil War, Johnson became a lawman and gunman. Deputy under Sheriff William Brady in the midst of the Lincoln County War, during which he was killed.

  • John "Liver Eating" Johnston, aka: John Garrison (1824?-1900) - Primarily known as a mountain man, Indian fighter and lawman, a number of legends surrounded him during his life, some of which are the basis for the movie Jeremiah Johnson.  He served as a deputy and sheriff of Coulson, Montana in the late 1800's.

  • Frank Jones (1856-1893) - Served in the Texas Rangers beginning in 1874 and became a captain in 1887. He was killed in an outlaw shoot-out on June 30, 1893.

  • Fred Jones - A Deputy Sheriff of Val Verde County, Texas in 1909.

  • Gus "Buster" Jones - A Texas Ranger stationed in Alice, Texas in 1906.

  • John B. Jones (1834-1881) - Joined the Texas Rangers before the Civil War and was commissioned as the commander of the Frontier Battalion of the Rangers during the reconstruction in Texas. In 1877, Jones ended the Horrell-Higgins feud. He died on June 19, 1881.

  • John G. Jones - The first U.S. Marshal under civilian rule in New Mexico Territory.

  • Nat B. Jones, aka: Kiowa (18??-1928?) - A member of the Texas Rangers under Captain Bill McDonald.

  • Walter Jones - Served Company D of the Texas Rangers.




  • George A. Kaseman - U.S. Deputy Marshal in New Mexico Territory.

  • Dave Kemp -  Known as both an outlaw and a lawman, Kemp killed a man in Texas before moving on to New Mexico, where he served a as a lawman in Eddy County. Later he killed Sheriff Les Dow.

  • Richard M. Kennedy (1848-1921) - Deputy under Sheriff Red Angus during the Johnson County War in Wyoming. Later he became sheriff in 1901.

  • Louis Kennon - Served as a deputy marshal at Silver City, New Mexico in the 1880s.

  • Jeff P. Kidder (1875-1908) - Joined the Arizona Rangers in 1903 and was in several gun battles, and died from the wounds received in one on April 5, 1908.

  • Rush G. Kimbell (1855-1954) - Joined the Texas Rangers around 1875 and fought in a number of gun battles.

  • Francis M. King - (18??-1865) - A Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles, California, he was killed in a gun battle in 1865.

  • Frank King (1863-1920's) - A dedicated lawman, King was a deputy sheriff of Phoenix, Arizona in the 1880s and worked as a lawman in Texas, New Mexico and California in the next decade.

  • Lou King - Served as deputy sheriff of Custer County, Montana in 1880.

  • Karl Kirchner (1867-1911) - Served as Texas Ranger from 1889-1895, becoming the first sergeant.

  • Charles Krummeck - Served as a deputy sheriff in Santa Cruz, New Mexico in the 1880s.

  • Charles Kuhley - Served as a Texas Ranger in 1886 under Captain G.H. Schmidt.


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