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Washington State Flag


Empires of the Pacific Northwest

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Welcome to the Evergreen State!


Washington Articles:


The Cayuse War - Revenge for the Measles

Chief Joseph - Leader of the Nez Perce and a True American

Patsy Clark - Washington Mining Magnate & the Haunted Clark Mansion

Corps of Discovery - The Lewis & Clark Expedition

D.B. Cooper - Disappearing in the Wilderness

Fort Vancouver

Hank Vaughan - The Unhappy Horse Thief

Harbor Island - The Largest Artificial Island in the U.S.

Historic Thornewood Castle in Lakewood

Imagine You Are Marie Dorion

Indian Wars of the Evergreen State

Kennewick's Haunted House

Nez Perce - A Hard Fight For Their Homeland

Outlaw Roy Gardner's Buried Loot

History & Hauntings of Pike Place Market in Seattle

Paul Bunyan, Hero Lumberjack

Replica Stonehenge in Maryville

Seattle & the Klondike Gold Rush

Tamanous Of Tacoma

Travel Destinations in Grays Harbor County

The Voyager Of Whulge

Washington Links

Washington Historical Timeline

Washington Fun Facts and Trivia

Washington Photo Prints

Washington Slideshow (See Below)

Washington State Parks

Washington Treasure Tales

An Anchor in Bellingham Bay

John Turnow - The Wild Man of the Wynoochee

The Infamous Victor Smith & a Tale of Three Lost  Treasures

More Treasures Just Waiting To Be Found

Whitman Massacre National Historic Site

Dr. Marcus Whitman - Missionary to the Cayuse

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Washington - The Evergreen State!

The Evergreen State provides a wealth of travel destinations as varied as its topography. From coastal regions, to mountain areas, to desert environments, thereís something here for everyone. Visitors enjoy small towns with unique charm, metropolitan cities with fine dining, dancing, & museums, visiting the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, the Washington Coast and the Cascade Mountains for spectacular views.

Drive along more than 25 scenic byways through this picturesque state, visit Puget Sound for some of the best fishing and boating in the country, hike at St Helens, Mount Ranier and the Snoqualmie Pass, and ski the high trails of the Cascades.

And donít miss Washington's exciting history as you follow Lewis and Clark to their final destination, become a part of the Klondike Gold Rush and learn about the Indian lore of the Pacific Northwest.

Enjoy your travels in Washington and welcome to the Evergreen State Legends.


Kathy R. Weiser


Washington State FlagThe Washington state flag and the state seal are similar. Passed in 1923, Washington state law describes the flag as having dark green bunting with a state seal in the center. It is the only state flag that is green. It is also the only state flag with a picture of a president.


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Olympia, Washington Capitol and WWI Statue

Capitol Building and World War I Statue in Olympia, Washington.

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Washington Slideshow:



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