The Haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis

Reader’s Experiences at the Lemp Mansion

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were a part of a large group that dined at that mansion. We were seated straight back from the entrance, in a rear dining room. In the past, I have had a number of experiences with spirits (from as early back as age 6) and have come to the conclusion that I am far more ‘open’ to them than most people. We arrived late so we were quickly whisked back to our table and throughout our dinner, I had did not sense anything, however, when leaving, we had an opportunity to linger in the entryway/entrance to the dining room that is on the first left of the entrance. I felt something immediately…I can’t say that it was negative, but, more so nosey and cranky and I got the strong sense that it was male/masculine. I almost got the sense that he was seeking my attention and I was drawn to the corner of the room that is diagonal from the entrance to the room. I felt a shiver and immediately developed goosebumps and told my husband “there is something/someone in that room. I’m getting major heebies”. We left just after I said that so I did not get more opportunity to explore.

Just today I decided to google the mansion and low and behold, that was the William Lemp II’s office and where he took his own life. I do want to note that I did not have any sense of the Lavender Lady, however, I did not approach her painting.

Thanks for listening to my experience!

Submitted by Deanna Cole, August 2014


Reader Submission – 2006

I stayed at the Lemp Mansion a few years ago with a friend.  In the evening we took the tour of the mansion and when it was complete, every one left, including the employees. We were all alone in the big rambling house as there were no other guests that night.  My friend and I both got the creeps because we wanted to see something – SO bad, that we scared ourselves.  It was kind of like when you get the feeling you’re being watched

I don’t believe in ghosts one way or the other, really. But, still, it was fun going around and trying to scare each other.  There was only one thing that happened that was kind of strange.  We heard a cat meow in the top floor bedroom – the mustard yellow room. We could distinctly hear it coming from the other side of the bed, but when we looked, there was nothing.

The staff had given us a couple of bottles of wine and after drinking them, I got very brave in the middle of the night. I went up to the attic alone and saw some balloons that were left over from something that had gone on that day. One of them blew right past me, but I think it was the air coming from the heating system.  It’s an old mansion, it could have been anything, so I didn’t freak. But I did go back downstairs.

While I was there I didn’t have any problems with my camera, but, though there were several photographs on the roll, the only ones with orbs in them were at the mansion. I thought it was watermarks or something. I looked at other people’s orb pictures online and they all look alike. I’m sure there’s an explanation because I don’t think a ghost could show up on film.  But, here are my photos from that moment with the balloon.  These pictures are both from the attic. The one with the “orbs” was the ONLY photo on my entire role of film that had these on the picture.

Submitted by Robin, August, 2006

Lemp Robin 1

This photo shows the orbs in the attic that Robin is talking about.

Lemp Robin 2

The balloon that Robin saw blowing past her.

Reader Submission – 2005

Lemp Dining Room

It was in this corner that William Lemp’s desk, where he shot himself, once sat. Notice the streak across the top of the mirror. Similar streaks showed up in many pictures that included mirrors. By Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Having chosen a weeknight to spend our anniversary at the Lemp Mansion, we arrived at 3:00 p.m. and were given the Charles Lemp’s room. We had planned to eat dinner there that evening but for some reason, the restaurant closed shortly after we arrived and we were amazed to find that we would be left to spend the night in the entire mansion alone!

When we first arrived and were wandering around on the second floor, my husband mentioned he noticed a sewer odor. I didn’t notice it, so I didn’t pay any attention.

What I have in common with some of the others who have related their experiences on this web site is that strange uneasy feeling that someone was watching you. Someone also mentioned a “creeped out” feeling. These were the exact words I used! I don’t know how many times I told my husband that night that “I keep getting this creeped out feeling.”

Another similarity I had was to that of USAF Duane’s experience with the missing dimes. When we got to our room I opened the suitcase and took out two packages of Fuji brand disposable film. I was struggling to open the packages, so I reached into a Ziploc bag containing cheese and sausage and took out the knife I included with these. I then used it cut the film packages open. Once I took out the knife we never saw it again! Let me add that this occurred in the very same room Duane (with the missing dimes) stayed in! The Charles Lemp room.

I had never unpacked our suitcase other than to take the plastic bag out and replace it. Since we were only spending one night I didn’t want to have to rush and pack the following morning.

Every time my husband and I returned to our room from roaming about the mansion, one or both of us would look for the knife. We checked and re-checked every surface, the floors, under the bed, sofa’s, drawers, etc. It was nowhere to be found! What was infuriating is the room was immaculate, yet it was nowhere and we didn’t leave the room with it. As the night progressed we both became more and more obsessed about the knife’s whereabouts.

As we roamed about the mansion we took photos and as the evening progressed, I too began to notice the odor of sewage. It grew stronger and more prevalent until it appeared to be everywhere, ultimately becoming most noticeable when decided to go sit in the bar.

While sitting at a table in the bar, I had my husband snap a photo of me at the bar and another by the Lemp mirror on the right side of the bar. I then took a picture of the doorway near where the Lemp mirror hung.

Lemp Mansion Side View

Side view of the Lemp Mansion.

When these photos came back (later) from developing we discovered some rather unusual images. Of the two rolls of film, with the exception of the photos taken outside, all the photos taken in the house had a greenish cast.  The photo of the doorway had a strange foggy type smoke that spread from the bar to the doorway along the wall until it formed a full silhouette of a woman, I believe it to be the Lavender Lady.

This past October (2004) my husband and I attended Lemp Mansion’s Halloween party where he took a picture of me standing in the bar’s doorway. As you may recall, I mentioned the woman’s silhouette previously occupied this very same spot. When we got the film back this photo contains a huge orb just off to the right of me.

My sentiment about staying at Lemp when we left was similar to that of the USAF retiree Duane’s sentiment. As we headed out the door and down the stairs toward the sidewalk to our car, I was relieved to be going home and swore I’d never return!

Needless to say, my husband and I frequently eat at the restaurant and have now decided to make it the place we go to celebrate Halloween.  But as to whether I’ll spend another night there? Not unless another couple goes with us. Oh, and by the way, we never did find the knife!!!!

Submitted by Xenia Williams, July, 2005.

About the Author:  I have all kinds of strange paranormal activity captured on film. Some of the more interesting is from this apartment that we’ve lived in for the past 5 years, the  Lemp Mansion, and a storefront in Soulard. I have researched the area that we live in and now I understand why I have the type of phenomena I have had occurring. What I have found in the area is that historically, it has housed a poor house, an insane asylum, an amusement park, and a doctor that ran a medical college that brought “body snatching” not only to his medical students, but to St. Louis and literature. It makes sense now.

Read Submission – 2005

My husband, two teenage daughters, and I spent a night at the Lemp Mansion after having a camping trip rained out. It was so much better than camping!!!!! It was like being on an overnight ride at Disneyland!!!!!! First off, Patty Pointer and the staff were the most fun innkeepers we have ever met. They took great care of us.  And…..the other “hosts” were fun too!!!! They didn’t let us down. My oldest daughter had just finished dressing for dinner when she turned to put her things in her suitcase. Suddenly she heard a creaking noise and turned to find that the medicine cabinet had opened on its own. This was in the Charles Lemp Suite. The door of the cabinet had a latch that could not have fallen open.

While we were there, we had an overwhelming feeling of being watched. Though a little disconcerting, the feeling was not a bad one — more almost like protective.  The medicine cabinet incident struck us as funny because she was dressing for dinner and when the cabinet opened it was full of soap, as if someone was saying if you need soap there is some in here. We can’t wait to go do this again and we would recommend it to anyone looking for something different to do.

Submitted by:  Kat Robinson, July, 2005

About the Author: I am a yoga instructor and a bit of a ghost hunter. I have always been open-minded to the “other side.”  We have raised our children to know that ghosts are just part of the living and we should respect their space as if we would if we were visiting anyone alive.

Reader Submission, 2004

Lemp Attic

Under the eaves in the attic. It is here that the Monkey Face Boy often played. Notice the large orb at the back. By Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

My name is Renee and I have family in St. LouisMissouri, so when we visit, my husband and I, along with my brother and my cousin, make a trip to the Lemp Mansion when we’re in the area. Our last visit was on March 24, 2003. We arrived at the mansion around 8:30 p.m. to find out that a show and dinner party was in effect; however, we were told that we could look around on the main floor and upstairs. Neither my husband or myself had ever been in the attic, so that’s the first place we headed. Already creeped out because of the dark and silence, our group soon reached the end of the long hall, where the “monkey boy” was kept. However, as we turned around to leave, all four of us got instant chills when we heard a little boy say: “come play with me.” I told my brother to shut up, and he responded, “I didn’t say anything.” That’s when the boy repeated himself again. I then turned to my husband, saying the same thing to him as I had my brother and he said “that wasn’t me, its time to go.” That was the first encounter in my ten years of visiting the Lemp Mansion, and I hope there will be more. I’m fascinated with ghosts! For Thanksgiving, 2004, we’ll be making a trip to Missouri again, and hopefully, we’ll bring back good stories.

Submitted by Renee, October, 2004

Reader submission 2006

I visited the Lemp Mansion in January of 2003 with my aunt. We arrived in early and had lunch at the Lemp Mansion before checking out the sights of St. Louis. We, too, were shocked that we were given a key and told we’d be all alone that night in the mansion. We were the only ones staying there that night, mind you, but didn’t know this at the time. I assumed someone lived there and they meant alone as in no other guests.

Lemp Hallway Outside Charles Room

The hallway outside Charles Lemp’s room. Notice the large orb on his doorway. By Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

I felt uneasy right away the second I got to the top of the stairs. My aunt seemed ok and wanted to explore, but I felt this heaviness. The hallway off to the left of the stairs was the worst. My body just would physically not go in that hallway! We had reservations at a comedy club that night, so we decided to take a nap. An hour into my nap, I awoke to the sound of a baby crying and a woman talking. I got a little irritated because it was right outside our room (we were in the big suite – the Lavender Lady’s room) and how rude it was of this woman to just stand up there and make all that noise!

But then it stopped and I went back to sleep. When we got up, we found two women downstairs taking down the Christmas decorations and we got to talking to them. That was when we learned we were the only ones there that night and I asked the women to leave the light on in the dining room so it wouldn’t be pitch dark when we got in that night from the comedy club. The women told us their experiences and we laughed. Off-handed, I mentioned if they were the ones with the baby. I heard the crying at 5 pm and was told promptly there was no one else there but them after 3 pm and definitely no baby. I felt silly for even thinking I had heard such a thing and was convinced these women were trying to scare us.

That night when we got back, we were alone. My aunt wanted to explore, but that uneasy feeling was overwhelming to me. We went into the other bedrooms and walked around. The bedroom across from the suite was so heavy feeling. My aunt went towards the “hallway” and went to look into the other rooms, but I could NOT get my body into that hallway! I stopped halfway in and watched my aunt peeking into the rooms. She got to the end of the hallway and bent over to peer into the staircase and a shadow went pass me – but I was looking right at my aunt’s shadow! Well, I freaked out and demanded we call it a night.

The uneasy feeling never left me and when we went to bed, I was too scared to sleep. The final straw came when the piano began to play. I was done! My aunt gave me a Valium to help me sleep (yes, now I find these events very funny, but at the time, not so funny!). After that, I was out – head under the covers and asleep. My aunt says that during the night she awoke to someone “petting” her hair. She thought I was messing with her and turned over to find me completely out and turned the other way. She turned back over and said a few minutes later it happened again. She said she never felt scared and that it felt comforting to her. Mind you, this is a 55-year-old psychiatrist!

Lemp Dining room

Another Dining Room. Notice the mirror has the strange streaking that tended to show up in every picture that was taken that had a mirror in it. By Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

When I got home, I searched my suitcase for my phone, but it wasn’t in there. I called the Lemp Mansion and they sent someone up to look, but it wasn’t there. I called the rental car company and they couldn’t find it in the car. I ended up having my phone turned off convinced someone had it. When the bill came in later we realized ALL the phone calls had come exactly at 38 minutes after the hour and ALL to my husband’s phone. Now I don’t get that, but I do know that it was creepy! People say that the people at the mansion probably did it on purpose. Whatever the case, I still find the situation disturbing! But will I go back again someday? You bet! But I will make sure my cell phone stays on my person this time! –

Julie Meyer, January 2006

Reader Submission, 2004

Lemp Mansion at Night

The Lemp Mansion at night, by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

My name is Kristen, and I met Kathy Weiser of Legends of America on October 9th at the Lemp Mansion. My husband and I were staying in the William Lemp Suite and joined the tour of the Lemp Mansion. Other than not being able to sleep until after 3 am (I was unbelievably hot, probably from adrenaline,) not too much happened. We took a tour of the house by ourselves after the staff left. There was definitely a feeling of being watched, although a big, old house like that, late at night – I guess it’s to be expected. I did, however, have four orbs show up in my photos. 1) On the grand staircase, 2) The basement bar-right below the stored wine bottles, 3) Our room – in the curtain (window overlooks main street), and 4) In Charles Lemp room-top right corner of the armoire. I was extremely skeptical about “orbs.” Taking the suggestion from a website, I looked through all of my personal photos from the past to see if maybe there were orbs that I had not noticed before. I found none. Now I have 4 on one roll of film.

Kristen, October 13, 2004.

Reader Submission, 2004

We recently visited the mystery play/Dinner and Bed & Breakfast at the Lemp Mansion. I am a 50 yr old male USAF Retired with a Master Degree in I.S. (Simply for credibility purposes). We enjoyed the play and food. However, will never go back for a nights stay. First of all, the breakfast had much to be desired. Second, we could not sleep due to an uneasy feeling of being watched. I had a bad dream and woke up several times during the night. My wife could not sleep either. We strongly believe we had a door to our room unlocked after we locked it when we came back from the shared bathroom down the hall. We also dropped two coins in a 10 X 10 open area and when we knelt down to pick them up they were gone. We looked throughout the entire area and under furniture that was several feet away and still could not find the coins. This was in William Lemp’s Bedroom. An interesting stay that we do not intend on repeating.

Duane, June 22, 2004

Lemp Staircase

The staircase at the Lemp Mansion is said to be one of the three areas of ghostly activity. When you click on picture to view an enlarged version, you can clearly see several orbs at the top. Even more creepy, see the little boy peaking through the banisters on the right side of the photograph. There were NO children with us that night. Moreover, that landing is more than 15 feet high!! By Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Lemp Window Monkey Face Boy

Its this window in the attic that people in the street office see the Monkey Face Boy peeking out of. By Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Reader’s Comments:

I was looking at the pictures of the mansion and there is one in particular that stands out. It’s the one of the Lemp Mansion at night, October 2004. Is there supposed to be someone standing in front of the museum? Because if I am looking at this picture correctly, there is a man standing to the right of the staircase just behind the cement pillar. All I can see is his face and possibly a cane? – Carrie, St. Louis, September, 2008

Editor’s Note: What is actually in the photo is a parking meter and a tree in the background. There is no man. We can’t explain what looks like a face.

In your picture of the Lemp Mansion staircase, right under the boy’s chin is another child. Once I saw the boy in the picture, I heard the other boy’s voice saying “me too I’m here.” I just wanted to let you know. Once again thank you. – Luz, July, 2006

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