Historic People of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889

Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889


Arapaho Chief , 1898

Arapaho Chief, 1898

Arapaho – Great Buffalo Hunters of the Plains

Bad Men of the Indian Nations

Frank Canton – Cowboy, Outlaw, and Lawman

Dynamite Dick Clifton – A Wanted Man

Outlaw William Coe & His Missing Loot

The Comanche Indians – Horsemen of the Plains

Bill Cook – Leading the Cook Gang in Oklahoma

Deadly Dalton Gang

Lady Marshals of Indian Territory

Most of the members of the Dalton Gang were killed after trying to rob two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Most of the Dalton Gang members were killed after trying to rob two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas.

The Lee Gang – Murder and Thievery on the Texas Border

Gordon William “Pawnee Bill” Lillie

Judge Isaac Parker – Hanging Judge of Indian Territory

The Pawnee Indians – Farmers on the Plains

Bass Reeves – Black Hero Marshal

Rufus Buck Gang

Sequoyah – Inventor of Written Cherokee

Belle Starr – Oklahoma Bandit Queen

Henry Starr – Cherokee Bad Boy

Jesse Chisholm, Trail Blazer

Jesse Chisholm, Trail Blazer

Heck Thomas – Tough Law in Indian Territory

Bill Tilghman – Thirty Years a Lawman

Stand Watie – Brigadier General of the Civil War

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