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HBO's Deadwood - Cast of Characters

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HBO's Deadwood Series

Courtesy HBO's Deadwood Series


HBO Deadwood Series Cast:


HBO Character


Description/Diversion From History

Aunt Lou Cleo King

George Hearst's cook in the series. In actual life, Lucretia "Aunt Lou" Marchbanks worked at the Grand Central Hotel and other places before starting her own boarding house.

Silas Adams Titus Welliver

One of Al Swearengen's henchmen in the series, no record of him actually exists in Deadwood's history.

Martha Bullock Anna Gunn

Martha Bullock was married to Seth Bullock. In the series she is the mother of William Bullock, who never actually existed, nor was she ever married to Seth's brother. The couple actually had three children.

Seth Bullock Timothy Olyphant

Co-Owner of Star & Bullock Hardware, sheriff, rancher, and owner of the Bullock Hotel. No affair with Alma Garret, no step-son named William.

William Bullock Josh Eriksson

On the series, William is the deceased stepson of Seth Bullock and biological son of Martha Bullock and Seth's brother Robert. William Bullock actually did not exist.

Johnny Burns Sean Bridgers

Gem Saloon worker/henchman. A "real life" character, history shows him to actually have been a worse man than he appears to be on the series.

Calamity Jane Robin Weigert

Frontier woman who often followed Wild Bill Hickok. Calamity Jane was, in real life, just as drunken and foul-mouthed as she is in the series.

Doc Cochran Brad Dourif

The physician of the camp. A Dr. Cochran did not exist in Deadwood. Perhaps patterned after Dr. Lyman F. Babcock or Dr. F.S. Howe.

Andy Cramed Zach Grenier

Gambler who brought Small Pox to Deadwood, turns minister. No history for anyone by this name in the "real" Deadwood.

Dan Dority W. Earl Brown

Henchman to Al Swearengen at the Gem. Though his last name was spelled differently, he did work with Al.

Wyatt Earp Gale Harold

The legendary lawman from Dodge City, Kansas is actually noted to have been in Deadwood in 1876.

Ellsworth Jim Beaver

Prospector, manager of Homestake Mine, marries Alma Garret. Non existent in real life.

E.B. Farnum William Sanderson

Innkeeper of the Grand Central Hotel and Deadwood Mayor in the series. In real life, did not own hotel, but owned a retail business. He was elected as the major. Was married with children.

Samuel Fields Franklyn Ajaye

General of African American troop and works in the livery stable. Real life Fields was seemingly just a flamboyant as the one of the series. Obviously, not a "real" general in the Civil War.

Alma Garret Molly Parker

Widow of claim seeker, now married to prospector Ellsworth. Though typical of many naive people in the early camp, Alma Garret did not exist in the "real" Deadwood.

George Hearst Gerald McRaney

Successful California businessman and mining industrialist. Actual person who purchased Homestake Mine. Not known to have been ruthless as in the series.

Wild Bill Hickok Keith Carradine

The Old West gunslinger was murdered by Jack Mcall at Nutall's #10 saloon.

Hostetler Richard Gant

Runs the camp's livery stable in the series. No known person like this appears in Deadwood's history.

Hugo Jarry Stephen Tobolowsky

Commissioner for Lawrence County, Dakota Territory.

The Huckster Gill Gayle

Con man, known for his prize soap sell swindle. Based on the real life "Soapy Smith." Though Smith was a widely known conman who often worked the mining camps of the west, there is no record that he was in Deadwood.

Miss Isringhausen Sarah Paulson

Tutor to Sofia Metz, secretly a Pinkerton. Though there were probably Pinkerton Agents in Deadwood, no one by this name is known.

Jewel Geri Jewell

Handicapped cleaning woman at the Gem. No record of anyone in like this in Deadwood's history.

Jack Langrishe Brian Cox

Stage promoter and theatrical troupe manager. Did exist in real life, but rather than being gay, he was married.

Leon Larry Cedar

Worker for Cy Tolliver at The Bella Union. No known man by this name in Deadwood's history.

Maddie Alice Krige

The deceased madam of the Chez Amis did not exist in real llife.

Jack McCall Garrett Dillahunt

Unemployed, classless camp member, murdered Wild Bill Hickok in Nutall's #10 Saloon.

A. W. Merrick Jeffrey Jones

Editor of the Deadwood Pioneer newspaper. Actual historic figure. Married with children in real life.

Sofia Metz Bree Seanna Wall

Adopted daughter of Alma Garret and sole survivor of the Metz Family Massacre. She did not exist in real life; the only survivor of the massacre was an adult man.

Tom Nuttall Leon Rippy

Owner of Nutall's #10 Saloon. True in history. Would later run the Bella Union.

Pete Richardson Ralph Richeson

The cook at the Grand Central Hotel is a fictional character.

Reverend Smith Ray McKinnon

Deceased minister of Deadwood. Actually existed but did not die in the same manner.

Con Stapleton Peter Jason

Worker for Cy Tolliver at The Bella Union. Was actually Deadwood's first marshal.

Soloman Star John Hawkes

Co-owner of Star & Bullock Hardware. Would later become Deadwood postmaster and mayor. Was not part of any Deadwood bank.

Joanie Stubbs Kim Dickens

Former hostess of the Bella Union, started her own brothel called the Chez Amis until selling it to Jack Lagerishe. Did not exist in Deadwood's history. May be loosely based on a madam named Mollie Johnson.

Al Swearengen Ian McShane

Owner of the Gem Saloon. Was actually as bad in life as on the show. Was also married.

Cy Tolliver Powers Boothe

Owner of rival saloon, The Bella Union. No actual existence of anyone by the name of Cy Tolliver in Deadwood's history. Bella Union was owned by a man named Tom Miller.

Trixie Paula Malcomson

Former prostitute at the Gem Saloon.

Charlie Utter Dayton Callie

Owner of a freight business and sometimes travel companion of Wild Bill Hickok. Was married when he was in Deadwood.

Francis Wolcott Garrett Dillahunt

Sociopathic geologist who worked for George Hearst and committed suicide by hanging. There was no Francis Wolcott in Deadwood's history; however, Hearst did send investigators to Deadwood prior to his arrival.

Mr. Wu Keone Young

Though Wu is representative of Tong leaders in the camp, there is no record for anyone by that name in actual Deadwood history. In the series, he is the leader of the Chinese camp.




Other "Real" Black Hills Characters Worthy of Mention


Sarah Campbell

The first African-American woman in the Black Hills.

Captain Jack Crawford

The Poet-Scout

Madame Dora DuFran

A Brothel Madam and Humanitarian who was so popular in Deadwood, that she wound up having "branch” houses in Sturgis, Rapid City, and Belle Fourche.

Fred Evans

A Real Paul Bunyan

Alice Goassage

An Inspiring Lady

Poker Alice Ivers

A Poker Playing "Lady"

Lame Johnny

Talented Horse Thief

Kitty LeRoy

A beautiful murder victim.

Nat Love, aka: "Deadwood Dick" - The Greatest Black Cowboy in the Old West

Though there were a host of men who called themselves "Deadwood Dick," Nat Love, who really was a great cowboy, was said to have earned the title in a cowboy contest in Deadwood.

Dr. Valentine T. McGillycuddy

Unsung Hero of the Black Hills

Doc Perce

Popular Humorist

John Perrett, aka: Potato Creek Johnny

One of Deadwood's most colorful characters, John Perrett, more often referred to as "Potato Creek Johnny,” is credited with finding one of the world’s largest gold nuggets. Though many say the nugget was actually several nuggets melted together, the tale persists, along with stories of Perrett’s other eccentricities.

Jebediah Smith

The first white man in the Black Hills.

Annie Tallent

The first white woman in the Black Hills



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All cast photos courtesy HBO

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