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Without the help of you -- our gracious contributors, this web site, nor any future publication would be successful. I am so grateful to ALL of you!!! Thank you so much!!


Jo Bynum, editor at the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle, Angel Fire, New Mexico, who pointed me in the right direction to research articles, as well as providing contact names of people to talk to.

T.C. and David Cattelino
, who guided me step-by-step on the writing, web-site development, and publication process! They are successful writers themselves -- their company Roundabout Publications, publishes a variety of travel books specifically targeted at RV Travelers.

Bert Clemmens,
long time resident of Eagle Nest and owner of the LaGuna Vista Lodge, Restaurant and Saloon. Mr. Clemmens provided much of the information included in the Eagle Nest article, as well as giving me a tour of the old brothel upstairs. The Laguna Vista is rated by Frommer's Travel Guide as the best Restaurant and Hotel in the valley.

Reletta Leek Clumsky
, a great photographer, friend, and also my cousin (I love you!!), who took several pictures for the website.

Kristi Dukes
, who shared her ghostly experiences while working at the Laguna Vista Restaurant.

Beni Jo Fulton
, curator of the Elizabethtown Museum, who provided much of the information for the Elizabethtown article and allowed us access to the property. The museum is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and by appointment at other times during the year.


Robert Garcia is a friend I made through Legends of America. Robert is an avid ghost towner and we have swapped stories and information about New Mexico and Arizona ghost towns. You will see, peppered through some of our New Mexico ghost town articles, several photographs that Robert has contributed to the cause. Robert was also kind enough to provide some night photos of Route 66 through Albuquerque. Thanks Robert! Robert and his wife Therese live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Dave Mutz, Owner of the Comanche Creek Ranch, and lifetime resident of the Moreno Valley, who very graciously allowed us on his property, where many of these beautiful pictures were taken. Dave also owns Comanche Creek Guides which provides wonderful adventures for deer and elk hunters

Pete Sanchez, who very kindly added a piece to our La Llorona ghost story.


Ann Tyer Walker  - Ann is a reader of Legends of America and solved our story called Mystery of the Eagle Nest Lodge. Never having known the history of this old place, I called it a "mystery" until Ann came along. She provided much of the history, her husband, Doug Walker, scanned loads of photographs and sent them to us. Ann's cousin, Shelton Tyer, Jr., 86 years old, worked at the lodge long ago and also contributed much of the history. Thanks to you all!!




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