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Haunted Denver, Colorado - Page 2

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Denver, Colorado in 1896

Denver in 1896, courtesy Denver Public Library


Denver Children's Home – Located at Albion Street and Colfax Avenue and continuing to provide youth services today, this building was known as the Denver Orphan’s Home in the late 1880’s. In 1888, a fire broke out in the building, killing several children on the third floor. Though numerous exorcisms have been conducted in the building over the years, the sounds of children playing, as well as whimpers and cries continue to be heard on a regular basis. In addition to the children, the female spirit of a ghostly bride has been seen floating down the third floor steps and across the 50 foot length of the second floor hallway.

Denver International AirportDenver International Airport - Everyone, no doubt, remembers or has at least heard of, the terrible problems that were encountered when building the airport in 1995. Grossly over its budget of 1.7 billion dollars, the airport was buried in technical problems during its building, especially regarding the automated baggage system. In the end, the airport cost $4.8 billion! These problems, as well as reports of employees and travelers experiencing a number of strange incidents at the airport today, is attributed to the fact that the airport was built on top of Native American sacred ground.

The Denver Press Club – A couple of spirits have been seen here, one of which who is very friendly also likes to visit the neighboring Colorado Press Association. The other ghost, however, is said to be very eerie and is most often known to lurk about the dingy boiler room in the basement.

Denver Public LibraryDenver Public Library – Library staff report that the basement hosts a resident spirit who doesn’t appear too happy. Some have reported that they have been shoved by this restless entity. The legend continues that one security became so frightened when patrolling the basement, he quit his job and today, the library is patrolled in groups of two.


Hotel Teatro, Denver,ColoradoHotel Teatro – Occupying the old Denver Tramway Building, built in 1911, the site was also the first location of the Evans Mansion, home of John Evans, Colorado's second territorial governor. When the streetcar became obsolete, the building was utilized as the University of Colorado’s downtown campus and later as the Denver Center for Performing Arts. However, in 1997, restoration began to turn the building into Denver's premier luxury boutique hotel. When the major renovations began on the building, construction crews began to experience a number of strange occurrences. One group who heard voices coming from an office went to inspect, only to find no one there. Today, there is allegedly the ghost of a mechanic who has been seen walking down the hallways with tools in hand before mysteriously disappearing. The "tool man” is thought to have been a mechanic who once worked on railcars in the basement of the building. Tragically, he died in an accident while he was at work and is seemingly "trapped” in time. Book a room at the Hotel Teatro.




Josephina's Italian Restaurant, Denver, ColoradoJosephina's Italian Restaurant – Located in Denver's historic Larimer Square, Josephina’s is housed in a century old building that once sported a popular speakeasy during the Prohibition era. Legend has it that the spirit, known as Amelia, was married to the shady character who owned the illegal tavern. When their daughter, Ginger, began to date a boy that her father didn’t approve of, he used his underworld connections to kill him. However, the hit man took out not only the boy, but also their daughter, Ginger. Amelia was sitting in the rear of the speakeasy when she heard the news. Today, this area houses the women’s restroom, where the mirror has been broken so many times; staff no longer considers it a coincidence. Other odd things also occur on a regular basis such as liquor bottles that seemingly turn over by themselves, chairs that inexplicably move from one side of the room to the other and many who are said to glimpse or feel her presence.


Littleton Town Hall Arts Center – Built in the 1920's, this building once housed city offices, a jail out back, and the volunteer department. Located in the Denver suburb of Littleton, there have been several reports of friendly spirits heard laughing and playing music late into the night. Staff also report that objects are often moved about and desks rearranged by unseen hands.

Lumber Baron Inn Located in the historic Potter-Highlands neighborhood, this 1890 mansion was built by a Scottish immigrant who amassed a fortune as a lumber jack. The 8,500 square foot home fell into terrible disrepair over the years and was converted into apartments by the 1970’s. In 1991, the abandoned and condemned building was saved by the current owner and today serves as an elegant bed and breakfast. During its times as a rundown tenement, a 17 year old girl was raped and murdered in the building. A friend, who stumbled upon the murder, was also killed. Today, the elegant mansion is said to have experienced a number of hauntings and paranormal activities, one of which is the frequent sighting of a ghostly woman. Read More HERE.


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16th Street, Denver, Colorado, 1906

Looking up16th Street, Denver, Colorado, 1906.

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