The Haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis

Lemp-Charles Room

The Charles Lemp Room. Look very closely at the mirror on the door. Do you see anything??? Click on the picture to see a larger version and you can also see several orbs in this room, by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Next, everyone was congregated around the Charles Lemp room. The guests staying in the room kindly allowed us to enter to look around. Both Amy and I sensed a heaviness in the bedroom area, but this was not the room that Charles shot himself in, rather it was the parlor area.

One of the women who had joined our group told a story of how she had been married in the mansion a year earlier and had carefully laid her dress and other items on the bed. She then turned away for a moment, but when she turned back all of the items were scattered. Outside of Charles’ room, one member of the group reported smelling cigar smoke.

On the first level of the mansion, the dining room to the left of the entryway once served as William Lemp II’s office and this is where he killed himself. In the corner of the room was his desk, where he sat with his gun in his final moments. The temperature in this corner was considerably colder than the rest of the room. On the wall is the painted portrait of Lillian Lemp – “The Lavender Lady.” One group member reported having smelled the distinct aroma of lavender while passing by her portrait.

Reader’s Experiences at the Lemp Mansion

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were a part of a large group that dined at that mansion. We were seated straight back from the entrance, in a rear dining room. In the past, I have had a number of experiences with spirits (from as early back as age 6) and have come to the conclusion that I am far more ‘open’ to them than most people. We arrived late so we were quickly whisked back to our table and throughout our dinner, I had did not sense anything, however, when leaving, we had an opportunity to linger in the entryway/entrance to the dining room that is on the first left of the entrance. I felt something immediately…I can’t say that it was negative, but, more so nosey and cranky and I got the strong sense that it was male/masculine. I almost got the sense that he was seeking my attention and I was drawn to the corner of the room that is diagonal from the entrance to the room. I felt a shiver and immediately developed goosebumps and told my husband “there is something/someone in that room. I’m getting major heebies”. We left just after I said that so I did not get more opportunity to explore.

Just today I decided to google the mansion and low and behold, that was the William Lemp II’s office and where he took his own life. I do want to note that I did not have any sense of the Lavender Lady, however, I did not approach her painting.

Thanks for listening to my experience!

Submitted by Deanna Cole, August 2014


Reader Submission – 2006

I stayed at the Lemp Mansion a few years ago with a friend.  In the evening we took the tour of the mansion and when it was complete, every one left, including the employees. We were all alone in the big rambling house as there were no other guests that night.  My friend and I both got the creeps because we wanted to see something – SO bad, that we scared ourselves.  It was kind of like when you get the feeling you’re being watched

I don’t believe in ghosts one way or the other, really. But, still, it was fun going around and trying to scare each other.  There was only one thing that happened that was kind of strange.  We heard a cat meow in the top floor bedroom – the mustard yellow room. We could distinctly hear it coming from the other side of the bed, but when we looked, there was nothing.

The staff had given us a couple of bottles of wine and after drinking them, I got very brave in the middle of the night. I went up to the attic alone and saw some balloons that were left over from something that had gone on that day. One of them blew right past me, but I think it was the air coming from the heating system.  It’s an old mansion, it could have been anything, so I didn’t freak. But I did go back downstairs.

While I was there I didn’t have any problems with my camera, but, though there were several photographs on the roll, the only ones with orbs in them were at the mansion. I thought it was watermarks or something. I looked at other people’s orb pictures online and they all look alike. I’m sure there’s an explanation because I don’t think a ghost could show up on film.  But, here are my photos from that moment with the balloon.  These pictures are both from the attic. The one with the “orbs” was the ONLY photo on my entire role of film that had these on the picture.

Submitted by Robin, August, 2006

Lemp Robin 1

This photo shows the orbs in the attic that Robin is talking about.

Lemp Robin 2

The balloon that Robin saw blowing past her.

3 thoughts on “The Haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis”

  1. If the old lemp brewery is so scary and haunted then why was there no movies made about it. Also there is no real phonemon’s about this so called haunted Mansion. I would like to know more about this old Mansion. I’ve heard the stories but where is the proof.

  2. I was reading stories from visitors and looking at there pictures. A picture from Robin, August 2006 of the orbs in the attic. Just to the left of the orbs on the door frame. A little back from the door it looks like a person is there. I have had pictures that have orbs in them where the very next picture,almost identical, does not have orbs.

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