Ghost Towns & Near Ghosts of Kansas

Brookville, Kansas Downtown today

Brookville, Kansas Downtown today

Brookville (Saline County) Post Office 1870-present – 2010 population of 262. The population was once near 2,000 in 1870s but, after the turn of the century, the population began to decline. The city was also the site of the Brookville Hotel and restaurant until 2000 when the restaurant moved to Abilene.

Burdick (Morris County) Post Office 1887-present – A very small population and a few buildings.

Bushong (Lyon County ) Post Office mid-1880s-1984 – In 2008 the small town had an estimated population of 50. Several ruins of the downtown and old consolidated school remain.

Byers (Pratt County) Post Office 1915-present – In 2008 the small town had an estimated population of 49.

Calista (Kingman County) Post Office 1886-1896 & 1902-1955 – An old grain elevator and a couple of houses remain.

Canada (Marion County) Post Office 1884-1954 – A small population of approximately 40 people remain.

Carneiro (Ellsworth County) Post Office 1882-1953 – A small population remains just north of Mushroom Rock State Park.

Castleton (Reno County) Post Office 1872-1957 – A few homes and abandoned buildings remain. Castleton was used as the setting of Sevillinois for the 1952 movie Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie.

Cato (Crawford County) Post Office 1858-1905 – The Cato Historical Preservation Association meets at 6:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Arcadia Community Center, Arcadia, Kansas. The old school has been restored. Cato Christian Church is in good repair, but closed. A community reunion is held yearly.|

Centerview (Edwards County) Post Office 1867-1971 – Structures still stand, and two families still live on the townsite. Officially part of Kansas City, Kansas today.

Centropolis (Franklin County) Post Office 1854-1930 – A small population remains on a county road about ten miles northwest of Ottawa. The Christian Church and Baptist Church remain open.

Coolidge (Hamilton County) Post Office 1873-1875 & 1881-present – 2008 estimated population of 86. The original town was called Sargent. Name change to Coolidge in 1881.

Croft (Pratt County) Post Office 1907-1961 – Two vacant grain elevators, two vacant houses, an old school, and a few ruins remain in this town.

Croweburg (Crawford County) Post Office 1908-1972 – A small population remains along with some shotgun houses and some building ruins.

Defiance (Woodson County) Post Office 1873-1886 – Only a hotel remains that is being used as a residence.

Delavan (Morris County) Post Office 1886-1992 – Just a few area people, old school, community center.

Delaware City (Leavenworth County) Post Office 1854-1870s – Some ruins and street grades are all that remain.

Dubuque (Russell & Barton Counties) Post Office 1879-1909 – A beautiful Catholic church and cemetery are all that remain.

Diamond Springs (Morris County) Post Office 1825-1863 – A Santa Fe Trail stop. Few remains exist but a monument to Diamond Springs was erected in Diamond Springs Cemetery.

Dispatch (Smith County) Post Office 1891-1904 – A church, some houses and a cemetery remain.

School in Doniphan, Ks. Photo by Dave Alexander

Doniphan (Doniphan County) Post Office 1854-1943 – Still on maps but little remains. A trading post was established on the site in 1852.

Dunlap (Morris County) Post Office 1874-1988 – 2000 estimated population of 81.

Drury (Sumner County) Post Office 1884-1921 – A small population (approx. 20) remains along with a dam built in 1882.

Dry Creek (Saline County) Post Office 1877-1887 – An old blacksmith shop still stands but nothing else remains.

Eagle Springs (Doniphan County) Post Office 1883-?? – Townsite was abandoned, only ruins remain. Was a health resort that lasted into the 1930s.

Elgin (Chautauqua County) Post Office 1871-1976 – 2008 estimated population of 71. Also known as New Elgin.

Elk Falls, Kansas by Dave Alexander

Elk Falls, Kansas by Dave Alexander

Elk Falls (Elk County) Post Office 1870-present – A small town of about 100 now, home of the annual “Outhouse Tour”, claimed to be Outhouse Capital and home of historic Elk Falls Bridge.

Elmo (Dickinson County) Post Office 1866-1966 – A few buildings and population remain.

Eminence (Finney County) Post Office 1886-1943 – Nothing remains of the townsite. Battled with Ravanna for the county seat of Garfield County, which ended in 1893 when Garfield County was annexed to Finney County.

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  1. Can I get a list of ghost towns that still have old abandoned churches that I could go look at? My husband and I want to take pictures at one. Any suggestions and addresses?

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