Fort Arbuckle, Oklahoma


Fort Arbuckle, Oklahoma

Fort Arbuckle, Oklahoma

Fort Arbuckle, Oklahoma was established in April 1851 by Captain Randolph B. Marcy and Company D of the 5th U.S. Infantry. The post was named for General Matthew Arbuckle, the Commander of the Military Department of Missouri, who died of cholera on April 11, 1851. Built in the mostly unsettled Indian Territory, its purpose was to protect the “Civilized” Indians, including the Chickasaw and Choctaw, from the Kiowa and Comanche, as well as protecting emigrants making their way to the California gold fields using the trails between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Erected in a rectangular shape, the log buildings included barracks, a commissary, quartermaster’s quarters, and officers’ quarters. Just outside the rectangle was a hospital and sutler’s store.

During its active years, the post was occupied by the U.S. Army, Confederate troops,  including the Chickasaw Brigade during the Civil War, and then reoccupied by the U.S. Army’s 10th U.S. Cavalry of “Buffalo Soldiers.”

When Fort Sill was established, the troops were transferred and Fort Arbuckle was abandoned in the Spring of 1870. Today, all that is left of the site is part of a chimney from the officers’ quarters. A historical marker has been erected on Oklahoma State Highway 7 in Hoover, Garvin County.

By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated February 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Fort Arbuckle, Oklahoma”

  1. I met a dozer operator who’s great grandfather was stationed at Fort Arbuckle during the Civil War.He belonged to CO.A Wells Battalion John Scanland’s Squad CSA..His unit commonly did recon in North Texas south and east of Wichita Falls…Marcus Manning Landers was the soldiers name.

  2. Chimneys once part of the soldiers quarters were incorporated in two houses built by current owners of the fort property. The current owners of the property gave me a tour and showed me where different structures had once stood. One owner showed me a new army colt revolver that was found on the property when digging, the pistol was wrapped in oil cloth and in great shape. The serial number on the pistol was researched in government archives an it was identified as being issued to an officer once stationed at the fort.. A cemetery was also found adjacent to the fort when widening a road, many soldiers graves were found and later moved to Fort Sill.

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