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tombstone-clip.jpg (128x107 -- 5154 bytes)"The greatest consolation I have in growing old is the hope that after I'm gone they'll grant me the peaceful obscurity I haven't been able to get in life." 


--  Wyatt Earp, shortly before his death



Outlaws & Gunfighters


Robert A. "Clay” Allison

Seaborn Barnes - Nubbin’s Colt

Samuel "Sam” Bass

William Bonney - Billy the Kid

Richard "Dick” Broadwell - Texas Jack

Butch Cassidy

Newman Haynes "Old Man” Clanton

William "Billy” Clanton

Isaac "Ike” Clanton

Bob Dalton

Grattan "Grat”  Dalton

Emmett Dalton

William "Bill” Dalton

John Wesley (Wes) Hardin

John Henry "Doc” Holliday

Alexander Franklin "Frank" James

Jesse James

Thomas E. "Black Jack” Ketchum

Harry Longabaugh - The Sundance Kid

William Preston "Wild Bill" Longley (1851-1878)

George "Bitter Creek” Newcomb

Johnny Ringo

Joseph Alfred "Jack” Slade

Belle Starr - "Outlaw Queen”

Henry Starr

Ellen Watson - Cattle Kate

Thomas Coleman (Cole) Younger

James "Jim” Younger

Robert "Bob” Younger



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Boothill-Tombstone.jpg (308x207 -- 18934 bytes)

Tombstone Arizona's Boothill Today


Lawmen of the West


James Butler "Wild Bill” Hickok

James Earp

Morgan Earp

Virgil Earp

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp

Warren Baxter Earp

Scouts & Explorers

Christopher "Kit” Carson

The Indian Chiefs

Crazy Horse


Sitting Bull



BootHill-DodgeCity.jpg (279x197 -- 8795 bytes)

Dodge City, Kansas' Boothill Today


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Out of the frontier West the American character was formed...

-- Dee Brown


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