Native American Symbols, Pictographs & Petroglyphs

Arrow   Protection
Arrowhead   Alertness
Badger Track   Summer
Bear   Strength
Bear Paw   Good Omen
Big Mountain   Great abundance
Bird   Free of worry, Carefree
Broken Arrow   Peace
Broken Cross Circle   Four Seasons, That Which Revolves
Brothers   Unity, Equality, Loyalty
Buffalo Horns   Success
Buffalo Skull   Sacredness, Reverence for Life
Butterfly   Everlasting life
Cactus   Sign of desert
Coyote & Coyote Tracks   Trickster
Crossed Arrows   Friendship
Days-Nights   Time Passing
Deer Track   Game plentiful
Drawn Bow & Arrow   Hunting
Drying Rack   Plenty of Meat
Eagle   Freedom
Eagle Feather   Chief
Enclosure   Ceremonial Dances
End of Trail   Peace, End of War
Evil Eye   This symbol protects from the curse of the Evil Eye.
Facing Arrows   Warding off evil spirits
Four Ages   Infancy, Youth, Middle, Old Age
Gecko   Sign of Desert
Gila Monster   Dream Time
Great Spirit   The Great Spirit is a conception of universal spiritual force, or supreme being prevalent among most Native American tribes.
Head Dress   Ceremonial
Hogan   Permanent Home
Horse   Journey
Kokopelli   Flute Player, Fertility
Lightening   Power, Speed
Lightning Arrow   Swiftness
Man   Life
Medicine Man’s Eye   Wisdom
Morning Stars   Guidance
Mountain Range   Destination
Path   Crossed
Peace Pipe   Ceremonial, sacred
Rain   Plentiful crop
Rain Clouds   Good Prospect
Rattle Snake Jaws   Strength
Saddle Bag   Journey
Skyband   Leading to Happiness
Snake   Defiance
Squash Blossom   Fertility
Sun   Happiness
Sun Flower   Fertility
Sun God Mask   The Sun God is a powerful spirit among a number of Native American tribes.
Sunrays   Constant
Swastika   Four corners of the world, Well-Being
Tipi   Temporary house
Thunderbird   Unlimited Happiness, Caller of Rain
Thunderbird Track   Bright Prospect
Water Running   Constant Life
Wolf Paw   Freedom, Success
Zuni Bear   Good Health

Compiled, designed and edited by Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated September 2019.

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