Cazeau Wagon Train Attack, Wyoming


Indian Attack on a Wagon Train by Charles Marion Russell

Indian Attack on a Wagon Train by Charles Marion Russell

The Cazeau Wagon Train attack occurred on July 17, 1866, in northeast Wyoming. This battle was fought during Red Cloud’s War as the Sioux tried to stop the invasion of their lands from travelers and settlers moving along the Bozeman Trail

In July 1866, traders, Peter Cazeau and Henry Arrison, from Fort Collins, Colorado, were traveling along the Bozeman Trail in two wagons. Along with them were three employees as well as Cazeau’s Oglala Sioux wife Mary, and their four children. On July 16th, the two wagons were camped on Peno Creek about six miles north of Fort Phil Kearny when they were approached by a group of Northern Cheyenne. The Indians, who had just been in council with officers at the fort, were peaceful and joined the camp.

However, later, a band of Sioux appeared, demanding that the Cheyenne join them in an attack against the soldiers at the fort. The Cheyenne refused and the Sioux responded by calling them cowards, whipping them, and driving them from the camp. The Sioux also departed, but, the next morning as the wagons were preparing to move on, the Sioux returned and attacked them, killing Cazeau, Arrison, and the three mail employees. Mary Cazeau and the children escaped into the brush and were later found by soldiers who took them to the fort. Upon Mary’s arrival, she gave the warning that the Sioux were planning more attacks including the upon the fort.

The site is located near Banner, Wyoming.

By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated February 2020.

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