Lower Seaboard Theater & Gulf Approach of the Civil War

Bombarding Fort Sumter, April, 1861 by Currier & Ives

Bombarding Fort Sumter, April 1861 by Currier & Ives

As identified by the National Park Service, the Lower Seaboard Theater and the Gulf Approach campaigns of the Civil War encompassed major military and naval operations that occurred at the southeastern coastal regions of the nation, including South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Inland campaigns are included in the Western Theater or Trans-Mississippi Theater, depending on whether they were east or west of the Mississippi River. The vast majority of coastal operations in Georgia are included in the Western Theater.

Campaigns & Battles:

Operations in Charleston Harbor – April 1861

Fort Sumter, South Carolina

Operations of the Gulf Blockading Squadron – October 1861

Santa Rosa Island, Florida

Operations Against Fort Pulaski – April 1862

Fort Pulaski, Georgia

Expedition to, and Capture of, New Orleans – April-May 1862

Forts Jackson & Phillip, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

Operations Against Charleston – June 1862

Secessionville, South Carolina
Simmon’s Bluff, South Carolina

Operations Against Tampa – June-July 1862

Tampa, Florida

Operations Against Baton Rouge – July-August 1862

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Expedition to St. John’s Bluff – September-October 1862

Saint John’s Bluff, Florida

Operations in LaFourche District – October 1862

Georgia Landing, Louisiana

Naval Attacks on Fort McAllister – March 1863

Fort McAllister I, Georgia

Operations in West Louisiana – April 1863

Fort Bisland, Louisiana
Irish Bend, Louisiana
Vermillion Bayou, Louisiana

Battle of Fort Wagner, South Carolina in the Civil War

Battle of Fort Wagner, South Carolina in the Civil War

Operations Against the Defenses of Charleston – April-September 1863

Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
Fort Wagner, South Carolina
Grimball’s Landing, South Carolina
Fort Wagner-Morris Island, South Carolina
Fort Sumter, South Carolina
Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

Siege of Port Hudson, May-July 1863

Plains Store, Louisiana
Port Hudson, Louisiana

Taylor’s Operations in West Louisiana – June-September 1863

LaFourche Crossing, Louisiana
Donaldsonville, Louisiana
Kock’s Plantation, Louisiana
Stirling’s Plantation, Louisiana

Fort Brooke, Florida by Gray & James, 1837

Fort Brooke, Florida by Gray & James, 1837

Expedition to Hillsboro River – October 1863

Fort Brooke, Florida

Florida Expedition – February 1864

Olustee, Florida

Operations near Saint Mark’s – March 1865

Natural Bridge, Florida


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