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Legends of America - A Travel Site for the Nostalgic and Historic Minded


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Traveling through History since 2003

Dave and Kathy AlexanderWho We Are

Like so many other small businesses, Legends of America started out as a hobby. Owner-Editor, Kathy Weiser-Alexander, has a deep seated love for history, travel, writing, and almost anything falling within a creative realm. With this in mind, she started a small personal page called High Country Legends. Quickly, the ideas and opportunities expanded to include a partnership with Legends' General Store (formerly the Rocky Mountain General Store), which has been in business since 1998.

Kathy's qualifications include a degree in Business Administration; years of drawing, painting, and other artsy-craftsy stuff; and, when creativity didn't pay the bills --  more than 20 years of hands-on corporate experience, encompassing business and people management, customer service, technology, and consulting.


David Alexander, who Kathy met in the same year that this website began in 2003, has contributed advice, technical knowledge, and has been a travel partner from the start. Dave was involved in the radio broadcasting industry from his mid teens. In 1999, Dave left the airwaves to join a company that designed, managed, and trouble-shot software for radio stations, which was eventually purchased by Google. His division was sold off by Google in the fall of 2009, at which time, he joined Legends of America full time.


Kathy is a published author, with her first book, Great American Bars and Saloons, published in 2006, followed by major contributions to Greetings from Route 66  in 2010 along with several other noted Route 66 authors. Her work is also published under the "Legends Of America" name with Old West Lawmen (2012), and Lynching's, Hanging's & Vigilante Groups (2014).  Also in 2014, Kathy was featured in the cable network Investigation Discovery (ID) channel's "Evil Kin", episode 202 about the Bloody Benders, and both Kathy and Dave took part in Ghost Towns: America's Lost World, an over 5 hour, 2 disc DVD released by Mill Creek Entertainment in April of the same year.


Though we started Legends in the Kansas City area -- Dave -- in Prairie Village, Kansas and Kathy in Lenexa, Kansas,  the business officially moved to Warsaw, Missouri in May, 2010. Warsaw, which sits on the dam splitting Truman Lake and the Lake of the Ozarks, is a small town with about 2,000 full-time folks. That number; however, doubles as people flock to enjoy the lakes in the summer.


Now, Kathy is in charge of the writing, photography, and website design, while Dave handles all technical chores, shipping, marketing, & sales. Someone up there was looking over us to make such a great partnership.


Legends of America is a small Midwest company with strong moral and ethical business values. We take pride in our work and strive to provide our readers, advertisers, and customers with a continually updated site, great products, and superior customer service. If you ever have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Legends of America
28926 Cedar Hill Loop

Warsaw, Missouri  65355






Before you call, please be aware that that we are an online-magazine, with more than 4,000 pages on various destinations and topics. We don't own, operate, nor have any further information on our destinations, history, or association beyond what you see on our pages. 


Dave Email:    


Kathy Email:   


We DO NOT sell or rent any of the information kept in our database.




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Legends of America has provided material, images, and been a resource for hundreds of companies, such as:

Cowboys & Indians magazine

Denver Museum

Discovery Channel

Genealogy Trails website

History Channel

Rite-Way Publishing

Roadtrip magazine

Route 66 Pulse

State of Kansas

Texas Education Agency

Texas Escapes website


The Legends of America Team


While Legends of America does not have a paid staff (yet); it does have a lot of people that help support us and our website. We have great friends that give us advice, wonderful readers that provide photos and additional information, our family and friends get "dragged" along on our adventures, and they all check out the website for "boo-boos" and suggestions. Meet some of these great people!!


Dave and Kathy at Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona

Dave and Kathy at the Big Nose Kate's in

Tombstone, Arizona, April, 2006.



Graci modeling for Legends of America and Legends' General Store

Kathy's grand-daughter, Graci models some of the

 new blinged out denim available  in our Legends'

General Store Front right here in Warsaw, Missouri.

Pete and Torri Nobo

Kathy's beautiful daughter Torri and her husband, Pete.

August, 2009.



Legends' Mascots KayDee and Riley- 2014

KayDee, left, and Riley, right, are Legends' mascots

when we travel, and great friends when we're home.


Kathy "hamming" it up with Discovery Channel Producers

Kathy "hamming" it up with Discovery Channel Producers.


Dave Alexander with Legends' Mobile Motel

One of Dave's jobs is pulling our mobile motel. In the meantime, my jKathy's job is navigator, aka - being bossy.


Kathy, her brother, John, and half of the fam damily

on an outhouse hunt in New Mexico!


Not only does Dave's niece and nephew, Mike and

Amanda, "wear" the Legends sign on their vehicle, they

 also join us on trips and provide great photographs.



Ella visits New York City and Boston

Kathy's grand-daughter, Ella visited New York and Boston for Spring Break, 2012. Though she was there to visit her Aunt, Nana Kathy told her she was on assignment for Legends of America, and she did bring back dozens of great photos.



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Legends of America's Facebook FanpageIf you just can't get enough of Legend's of America's tales and travel destinations, ghost towns, Native Americans, vintage photos, and Legends' General Store, check out our Facebook Pages. Here, you will find even more information including daily posts, photographs, additional information, and specials only available to our Facebook fans. You can also interacting with other fans, make comments on articles, and upload your own photos and information.


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