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Legends of America Photo Shop

Legends of America PhotoShop

Use of Legends of America’s articles, photos, videos, and other information is allowed to requesting sources with various provisions.


Linking to articles, photos, and videos is allowed to all requesting parties, and in fact, is encouraged. Thank you, we appreciate the link.

Articles & Text:

  • Notification of reprint or re-use request is required — just email us.
  • Permission will usually be granted, free of charge, for non-profit, educational websites or publications, and personal use. For-profit motivated ventures, we would anticipate standard publication fees, or, we are sometimes willing to trade advertising space.
  • Some articles on the website have been submitted by our readers. We cannot grant permission for reprint or reuse of these articles, but, can sometimes provide information so that you can contact the writer directly.
  • Credit must be given to the author and the website, with active links, if used on the website, and, printed links if on paper. The vast majority of articles on Legends of America are written by owner, Kathy Weiser-Alexander. Please credit like this: Kathy Weiser-Alexander, owner/editor, Legends of America, If an article is written by anyone other than Kathy Weiser-Alexander or Dave Alexander, information on the author will be included at the bottom of the last page. These cannot be reproduced without permission from the submitter.
  • Reprint of the entire article on a website, if agreed to by Legends of America, must include intact links.
  • In NO case will it be allowed that another website utilizes any of our pages in an I-Frame.
  • Use of our custom graphics and logos is never allowed for any purpose.
  • You agree that Legends of America is not liable for the use of this limited license.
  • Last, but not least, when information is utilized in a print format, we do request a copy of the magazine, newsletter, etc. Please send to:

Legends of America
28926 Cedar Hill Loop
Warsaw, MO 65355


Legends of America

Legends of America

  • Photo use is also allowed with proper credits and links for non-profit and educational websites or publications. Please note that many of the photographs that appear on Legends of America are not our own. We cannot give permission for photograph use of images that do not belong to Legends of America.
  • Under no circumstances, should photographs be accessed by hot-linking. This uses our bandwidth for YOUR purposes and the photo will be changed!
  • Many photos that appear on Legends of America are available for prints and downloads. When clicking on a higher version, these images will take you to our Photo Gallery site for further information. For more information on our restored vintage photos, see HERE.

If you have questions, just send us an E-Mail.

Updated November 2019

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