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Would you like to submit your article, whether it be a Ghost story, Old West tale, Route 66 experience, photographs, or any other non-fiction that fits with Legends of America?

We love to hear your stories of legends and lore. Tell us about your local history, favorite outlaw, ghost town, or lawman, and we will feature you on Legends of America with full kudos and credits, including links back to your website or book you may be promoting!


We offer smaller authors like us a “scratch your back/scratch ours” kind of deal, where you can submit an article for free advertising for your book or website. This allows us to expand our unique content and gives you extra promotion through search engine listings (which we typically do well in), and would be promoted through social media, etc.

Here are the basics:

You submit an article (doesn’t have to be long, but would appreciate a minimum of 800 words) about the subject of your book, which would include a complete author bio at the end. We will include Ad’s specifically for your book in the article, that will take the reader directly to your website (or publishers site) for purchase. The article acts as a teaser for the book to drive traffic for your sales, at the same time helps us expand our own content. (Must be unique content or content that is not “on the web”, so we are not punished by the search engine gods for duplicate content.)

We would appreciate a little common courtesy on grammatical items, such as not submitting your article in ALL CAPS or all lower case. Include relevant links in your story if to primary sources, or especially if you have a website of your own. It’s a great opportunity to provide a link back to your site and build traffic.

We do not accept paranormal stories that are of a personal nature that do not define the location.

Guidelines for Submitting An Article:

Please submit your article via e-mail.

Your article should be about one of the topics that Legends of America feature on our website, such as the Old West, Ghostly Legends, Ghost Towns, Treasure Tales, Native Americans, American History, etc. See the navigation menu at the top to get an idea.

We only accept original articles – you must be the copyright owner.

Articles should be factual in nature. At this time, we do not accept fiction (exceptions made for fact-based fiction).

We reserve the right to edit any submitted article prior to publication for length, clarity, or grammar, but will get your approval before promoting.

By submitting an article, you agree to Legends of America’s use of the article on this site and any site we may develop.

We’ll review your article right away. If it’s acceptable for use on our website, we’ll send you an email with a link to the article page for review.

Please note that we do not provide any monetary compensation for an accepted article. For authors and publishers, we offer ad units for readers to find your book for purchase (must link to the page for actual purchase of books, such as the publisher’s website, Amazon, or your own website book listing). We also link to the same book listing in the “About Author” section, as well as linking back to any general information on the author.

Just send us an Email with your story!

Please Include the following information:

Your Name: (You may leave this blank if you prefer to remain anonymous.)

Your Website (if applicable)

Title of Your Article

Short bio of yourself (include headshot photo if possible)

Sources if possible/warranted

Note:  All stories are edited for grammatical content and relevance to the website. Articles that are perceived to have an objective of solicitation, those that are of foreign content, and those that are very poorly written will not be posted.

Guest Posts

We get quite a few emails from other websites and “bloggers” wanting to submit a guest post in return for links back to their, or other, websites. However please be aware that we only pay attention to requests that are specific about what they have to offer.  If you send an email that says “need your price for a guest post”, it will simply be deleted.  We currently do not accept paid guest posts.  If you send a generic, “hey let me write a guest post”, with no information on what topic you would write about, it too will be deleted.  If you truly want to put a guest post on our website, it must be relevant to our audience based on the content we provide. Our policy on links in guest posts are as follows:

We retain the right to link to our own content within the article but allow links to relevant resources. External links are limited to 4 per 500 words (or 1 per 125). Articles must have a minimum of 800 words. Articles must be unique content not found anywhere else on the web. Articles that appear to be an advertisement are currently not accepted. Articles submitted about the content we have already written about will be considered but would need to complement our article(s) to be accepted.


updated August 2020