Las Vegas, New Mexico Saloon Shootout


Las Vegas, New Mexico Saloon

Las Vegas, New Mexico Saloon

The Las Vegas Saloon Shootout, also known as the Variety Hall Shoot-out, was a gunfight that took place in Las Vegas, New Mexico and launched gunman “Mysterious” Dave Mather to fame.

In January 1880, Las Vegas was firmly in control of a criminal cartel called the Dodge City Gang, which included a number of men who had migrated to New Mexico from the cowtowns of Kansas, hence the name. Acting in the capacity of lawmen, the Dodge City Gang strictly enforced a rule that no one was to carry arms in the city, with the exception of them, of course.

Mysterious Dave Mather

Mysterious Dave Mather

On January 22, 1880, four rough-housing cowboys by the names of T.J. House, James West, John Dorsey, and William Randall were parading about town sneering, laughing, and looking for trouble. Word soon reached Marshal Joe Carson, who, along with Deputy “Mysterious” Dave Mather, found the men at Close and Patterson’s Variety Hall. When Carson demanded that the four men “check” their guns, they refused.  A wild gunfight ensued and Carson was killed immediately, while Deputy “Mysterious” Dave Mather killed Randall and dropped West, badly injured. John Dorsey, though wounded, and T.J. House managed to escape.

Two weeks later, House and Dorsey were captured and housed along with the injured James West in the Las Vegas jail to await trial. However, soon, an angry mob broke into the jail and pulled House, Dorsey, and West from their cell, and lynched them.


By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated February 2020.

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