Ghosts of Cripple Creek, Colorado

I have a sister that used to work as a housekeeper in the Gold Rush Hotel. She told me that there was also a little girl that she would see in the halls during the day while she was cleaning rooms. She said the little girl loved balloons and that she would sometimes be walking around with a red one. The girl was often seen sitting at the top of the stairs, allowing her balloon float to the top of the ceiling. Sometimes, guests would report that there was a balloon in the hallway but, no one was around.

In that same hotel there is a room (I believe it is room #308, but I can’t remember exactly) that my sister hated to clean. She said it was just creepy. The first time she went in she said she saw a woman standing by the window looking out and she left right away. There were reports of the water turning on and the door closing by itself.

The last story I have is of Bob Womack’s Casino. I was 16 years-old and a busser in the restaurant. The restaurant is on the second floor (the casino is on the first.) There is a huge stair case as soon as you walk in the front door of the casino leading to the restaurant. The wall is covered with a mirror and several occasions when I was walking up or down the stairs, I would see a faint figure following behind me, right on my heels almost touching me. Other times, I wouldn’t see anything but the presence was definitely still there. This happened maybe 15 – 20 times. There was also feelings of a presence in the first elevator. I used that elevator only twice and felt it both times and then I started using the other one with no problems.

By Mousie, January, 2011.


Haunted House in Cripple Creek

I hesitated at first to send this off to you. However, after reading some of the other reader’s posts…I felt compelled to go ahead and send mine. This encounter occurred during the summer of 1973 in Cripple Creek, Colorado. My father had fallen in love with the town, and consequently moved all six of us kids, lock, stock, and barrel to the high country of Colorado.

I feel that I first should give some back ground on this former mining town in the Rockies. Cripple Creek exploded as a city when gold was discovered in the nearby hills around 1891. The town has had a rather tumultuous history, burning to the ground in 1896 and having a reputation for lawlessness in its infancy. The survival of the city depended on the price of gold…and when the price dropped, so did Cripple Creek. Needing a means to survive, the city turned to tourism when the last mine closed in 1962 (ironically, a few have since re-opened recently.) Tourism became the main economic engine that sustained the town until 1991, when limited stakes gambling was introduced to the area. Today, Cripple Creek enjoys the benefits of all three economic variables — tourism, mining, and gambling. During the summer of 1973, I was a sophomore at Cripple Creek –Victor High School. My sister, myself, and her boyfriend decided to sneak inside a supposed “haunted” house (turns out the rumors where true!) Technically, we were trespassing and easily could have been busted and suffered the consequences. But the thrill of experiencing a ghost sighting, combined with juvenile hormones, negated any threats of common sense.

We found a back door that was almost too easy to move and sauntered in. This house was a two story Victorian, turn-of-the-century brick, with some of the original antique furniture still inside. We began to roam around the house, laughing, and making jokes.

When I opened the door to the cellar………….that’s when we heard . I want to point out that all of this was occurring in broad daylight, with the sun shining bright, in the middle of the afternoon. It wasn’t midnight or the typical 3:00 a.m. “ghost hunt.”

At first we heard the sounds of silverware clinking on plates, then a cacophony of voices, combined with music from a bygone era. I should also mention that there was no electricity being provided to this residence at the time. The sounds began to swell and before long, the entire house was filled with the din of what we later thought to be a party or a ball of some kind. The three of us then proceeded to set a land speed record for exiting a home during a crisis.

Months later, this very same house was purchased by a wealthy writer, whose name I can’t mention. Afterwards, several parties were held there. One night, during a particularly raucous evening, a young woman ran from this house screaming. Once her friends caught up with her and asked her what had happened, she told her friends that the “figure” of a miner had materialized by the fireplace. Others later reported seeing a ‘”distinguished” looking Victorian era gentleman at the top of the stairs.

Years later, when I was researching the eccentric inventor Nicola Tesla, I came upon an article that described how the unconventional electrical genius had conducted a number of experiments in Cripple Creek. The same writer who had purchased and was living in the house at the time, confirmed it was, in fact, Tesla’s residence at one time, where he had conducted experiments.

Despite his prolific inventiveness and eccentric lifestyle, Tesla was known to maintain a rather high social profile. His experiments in physics also upheld the belief and possibility of life after death.

Could it be Nicola Tesla, himself, that remains in this house?

Submitted by Mike Warden, January, 2006


Legends Notes: Nikola Tesla was an inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer originally from Croatian Krajina who later became an American citizen. Tesla was best known his contributions and inventions in electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th century.

After his demonstration of wireless radio communications in 1893, he was widely respected as America’s greatest electrical engineer. However, Tesla was an eccentric man, prone to making unbelievable and sometimes bizarre claims about possible scientific and technological developments. After making a number of these wild claims, he began to be ostracized and regarded as a mad scientist. He died impoverished in January, 1943 at the age of 86.

Additional Update: Back in the early ’90’s my girlfriend and I were traveling in Cripple Creek. I was an avid admirer of Nicola Tesla, and living in Colorado I felt it would be almost criminal not to venture down to Cripple Creek and find his old house. The drive from Denver/Colorado Springs/Manitou/Cripple Creek took much longer than we expected, and we arrived about 10 at night.

here really wasn’t anyone around to tell us where, exactly, Tesla’s house was (although we had heard it was still standing.)  We drove around the residential streets for nearly an hour hoping to find some placard or some kind of guidepost to no avail.  After about an hour, we pulled to the side of a street and seriously considered heading back to Denver admitting failure.

Just then, as we were scanning the dark silhouettes of the surrounding houses, the near side of a two-story house on the next block lit up as though a huge arc light had been aimed at it.  We both saw it, then scanned the area looking for a streetlight or anything that could have produced the light…. nothing!

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  1. Yay my old home has been advertised in this article. Nikolai Tesla along with Linda Goodman lived in the house that everybody speaks of. My parents purchased it and made it a bed and breakfast called The Last Dollar Inn. I went to high school there and my parents sold the bed and breakfast as a turn key operation a few years after I graduated. I would never go into the Bed and Breakfast alone because of the horrible feelings I would get and the odd-ball noises. There’s a lot of history to that house and now that I’m older I would love to own it.

  2. It is easy to believe mystical events when sleeping in rooms of building materials over 100 years old as memories drift along side you as you sleep. If you wake at night but don’t move, you may hear old fire bells and wagons coming down the street. A slight beautiful lady, dressed in memories may shake on your shoulder and her voice warn you to “wake” might echo in your mind. Do you smell roses ?

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