Battle of Paris, Kansas


Charles R. Jennison

Charles R. Jennison

During the difficult days of Bleeding Kansas when residents of Kansas were fighting over the slavery issue several years prior to the Civil War, the Battle of Paris was fought on December 1, 1859.

Taking place in Linn County, Kansas, no actual fighting took place, but, was rather a battle of will and words. After Linn County had voted on November 8, 1859, to move the county seat from Paris to Mound City, pro-slavery advocate citizens of Paris refused to move the county records. Forces from Mound City under Charles R. Jennison marched on Paris, stating there would be an attack if the records were not surrendered. In an attempt to keep the records, the Paris faction stated that they did not know where the records were. Combat was close, but, the Parisians, in the end, wanting to avoid a battle, eventually surrendered the records.

Compiled by Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated November 2018.

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