Native American Totem Animals & Their Meanings


Industrious, instinctive, healing, power, sovereignty, guardian of the world, watcher, courage, will power, self-preservation, introspection, and great strength.


Determined, strong-willed, builder, overseer, dreamer, protector, builder, motion, subconscious.


Organized, industrial, productive, wise, community, celebration, fertility, sweetness, defensiveness, obsessive nature, and enjoys life.

Native American Symbols, Totems

Native American Symbols, Totems & Their Meanings – Digital Download


A very powerful totem – prosperity, spiritual strength, organized, balanced complacency and activity, fearless.


Sacredness, life, great strength, abundance, gratitude, consistency, blessings, stability.


Insight into the past, fertility, raw expression, rushing into things, confidence, strength, provision.


Metamorphosis, transformation, balance, grace, ability to accept change, lightness, soul, vulnerability.


Survival, endurance, obedience, nobility, positive, accomplishment, adaptive, temperance, humility.


Traveler, mobility, preference to be nomadic, adaptability to adversity, sensitivity, guidance, surety.


Guardianship, detachment, sensuality, mystery, magic, independence, astute, watchful.


Swiftness, insight, focus, brotherhood, self-esteem, acceleration, elusiveness.


Leadership, loyalty, courage, taking responsibility, foresight, sensing danger, awareness.


Love of home, community, contentment, joy, easy going, patience, grounded, fertility.


Trickster, intelligence, stealth, wisdom and folly, guile, innocence, skill.


Swift and decisive, power of life and death, transformation, energy, connected to eternity.


Good luck, moves sideways, savvy, unorthodox, relaxed, cycles.


Solitude, justice, longevity, independent, intelligent, vigilant, focus.


Ensuring your emotions are displayed accurately/appropriately.

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23 thoughts on “Native American Totem Animals & Their Meanings”

  1. I have known i have the characteristics of a bear totem, i then had it confirmed without asking. im a healer and sometimes to recieve a healing free from another healer, you must give a healing to receive one and thats just what we do, even at long distances because healing energy is NOT confined to any particular time nor SPACE. it just IS and its frequency at the time depends on the consciousness’ INTENT which goes a looong way with containing an energies frequency since all energies are actually the same energy, just as i said different frequencies or shall i say vibration which depending on its wave length, with a very long wave length and a slow vibration (but faster than that which vibrates and makes matter appear will turn out to be the color red since it vibrates the lowest vibration of all colors and is the one color that which has the longest wavelength which means its almost imossible to filter out. this is why the sun turns reddish by the end of the day, its being filtered by VERY MUCH ALOT of atmosphere. but never filters the red, leaving yellow orange and red which have near-like vibrations and wavelengths however orange and red are closer.
    SO my point is or was lol. when she gave the healing and confirmed for me by telling me the animal that which appeared to her and I started seeing the bear much afterwards. i like what the bear represents especially the healing and wisdom, bravery aspects. I also love to be secluded from others as it is more peaceful , its almost like i need alone time to recharge my batteries, perhaps quite literally actually given that i am also an empath which means my energy is very effected by others around me and can in some cases leave me all the way drained or even give and take energy which when doing healing YOU NEVER EVER use your own energy. ALWAYS channel the energy from source/universal mind.. this way its perfect and clean with the highest of intentions. if you give your own energy you rist taking energy too which can always have a negative spirit just waiting to jump from them to you, or can just be a regular person not knowing quite what to do however it IS their journey to figure out.always keep yourself protected,.. many times per day keep the “HABIT” of keeping the intention of breathing in white light energy into your lungs with eyes closes, each time you breath out imagine it being brown and dark/bad exiting your body and energy field. its what i love about the bear. i feel both the wolf and the bear are the 2 highest of animals when it comes to that of a spitie animal, althoug they ALL each are special in their own way. just because the 2 animals are most special in the native american traditions, not all of them agreed ALSO there are beliefs around the wprld that which go AALLLLL THE WAY BACK to OLD EARTH days when they used to mix the DNA of 2 or more animals together which is how they got the unicorn. there were some breads of dinosours still alive back then and they used particular birds with some of the dinosaur species and the got the dragon, probably did NOT breath fire but i think that part came when the locals started seeing the rockets shooting up to space which its picture / image are in many stones, rocks and in writings where they didnt know what they were looking at just like the natives had no clue what the giant sails were on our ships. they called them giant low clouds.. its crazy just to think we had a massive techological society around the world(only the elite or knowledgeable or initiated gets involed wirth this hidden knowledge which back then UFO’s were NOT being kept hidden.. the simply called them the battle of the gods when they always fought eachother BEFORE the federation laid claim to earth never being mesed with ever again and must live free with their free will intact, HANDS OFF HUMANS until they are ready.) they were effecting our spiritual growth by causing us to focus on the “MATERIAL WORLD” or rather 3rd dimension, the dimension or plane of existence of illusion and nothing less.. ALL IS ILLUSION when incarnated here,everything you ARE and everything your surrounded with and everything you stand on is not solid and is not actually there. it only shows up when it vibrates to the EXACT! HERTZ or “HZ” as you vibrate at. when the frequencies match, THAT is the moment you can see eachother if you and the other both are living beings. you can roll into or even out of this dimension simply by shifting the frequency of your vibration from hence you started with and you may even get lucky and hit a particular higher brequency so perfected that you may end up hitting a special station which everyone meets at almost like a secret gathering and the frequency( or particular station sorta speak) will be always the same and only those initiated in the society galactic or not, obviously you must have the ability to shift your energies frequency and if not it is not hard to learn, just takes time to master something that large. this is the goal of meditation however many people hit the plateau when using mediation and thats when you have to reach further for a bit of extra KUNDALINI CHI ENERGY that which starts in the base vortex and makes its way up the spine allowing for other extra abilities as well as body changes to match the frequency you are supposed to be moving into since this is the end of the old cycle just before the golden age of earth which will exist on earth but an earth with a different frequency, cant be seen from here but can tune into via psychically, anja/third eye, or simply SEE it just before you go to bed or fall to a sleep your consciousness is no longer conscious but it is between unconscious and subconscious which is mixing with the frequency of the divine feminine which IS the newer energy coming to change the vibratioin/frequency for the first time in well over 25,000 years but then they had a flood however atlantis made through it but it wasnt until the Noahs FLOOD happened around 12,000 BC that which flood was caused by the REST melting of the ice age. I say the “REST” of ice age BECAUSE it was already melting and there was was something that caused an acceleration of the rest of ice to melt and BAM flood with pressure on the plates causing earthquakes and then of course volcanos going off with darkening of sun due to sh*t in the air which reminds me of what they are doing today only its not pollution the way they are lying to you about.. any earth changes are a clock/a cycle, nothing having to do with HUMANS lol. when a tree is thirsty it communicates with the rest and somehow they call the rain and yes it rains not long after. therefore the more trees you corporate idiots cut down rather than finding a new product then YES the earth will be f*cked once they take all the trees like the antique island which was blossoming but they cut down (maybe its easter island?? cant remember?? however once the trees were gone, it never rained there the same way ever again. we should take heed in those kind of warnings and not some cow fart BULLSH*T and humans breathing tioo much or producing too much coal blah blah blah its all BS. first it was global warming then ot was global cooling but NOW THEY have to call it CLIMATE CHANGE LOL HAHAHAH ..WHY? because they dont know WTF they are even talking about, HA! its quite funny. especially watching al gore’s old video tapes where he swears new york city will be under water by 2014 if they dont do something immediately LOL!!!!! well we never did anything and what has happened to newyork mr. al gore HAHA wow! yes part of my being a spiritual teacher will yield teachings that which has a sort of “attitude” of sorts and some poking fun when the topic calls for it. yes it may anger some liberals but if you TRULY are a spiritual person you WILL leave politics out of this and make the jokes, take the jokes and just live on without freaking out like many other commie-crats (JK!!!) hey hey u=i love to joke. i have no problem calling myself a white “french” fry made in “The American”US of A …hahaha! beautiful. yes we healers and MASTERS come in many forms and personalities. we all work for the highest good and always have the best of intentions when doing ANYTHING! regardless of whom for. just keeping your thoughts positive for a long period, starting with full days, to full week(S) then a month and longer after that. doing this will increase your frequency to where the new earth now sits, remember “time/space” does NOT exist which means the higher earth can be existing already while this old earth existing with us on it.. remember we are NOT the only being who are MULTIDIMENSIONAL but the planets and stars are as well!!! if i dont shut it, I never WILL!! EVER! lol have a wonderful day everyone! email me at if your looking to exchange healing sessions or possibly may need a healing just email me and we will chat about it for a moment. much love and gratitude to all- Mike

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