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Chuckwagon cook near Spur, Texas.

Chuckwagon cook near Spur, Texas.

All About Dutch Ovens – An absolute “must-have” for campfire cooking is an old-fashioned Dutch Oven. You know — the heavy cast iron, lipped lid, three-legged pan.

Campfire Cooking – Dutch Oven Recipes – To do some great campfire cooking there’s just two pre-requisites — a Dutch Oven and a great recipe!  We provide you some great information on Dutch Ovens and a whole batch of wonderful recipes.

Chuckwagon – Western Recipes – Hey, pardners — check out these great western recipes, some of them straight out of the back of the chuck wagon.  How ’bout a little cowboy fry bread, some beef jerky, or spicy hot green chili.

Flavors of the Mother Road – As we were travelin’ Route 66, we gathered up some tested and tasty recipes like Cafe Peach Cobbler, Chambless Camp Salsa, and Missouri River Grilled Trout, just to name a few.

Frontier Recipes – The “Real” Old Stuff From The Old West – Most of these recipes would require an old time starved cowboy or mountain man with excellent hunting skills.  But check them out, if only for a good read.

Good Ole’ Fashioned Recipes – Think about cookin’ up a few of these old recipes.  Try a little Emigrant Stew, whip up a batch of Corn Fritters or serve a Vanilla Crumb Pie.  These are tried and true old recipes.

A Hill Of Beans – Baked Beans That Is – Beans, beans and you guessed it, more bean recipes!!

More Camping and Outdoor Recipes – Next time yo’re pitchin’ a tent, try out a little bread on a stick, some cookout ice cream or maybe a pocket wonder.

Old West Recipes Chuckwagon Etiquette, Chuckwagon Stew,  Cowboy Beans, Wagon Train Biscuits, and lots more.


Grub Pile Poem Postcard

Grub Pile Poem Postcard from Legends’ General Store

You could borrow an outfit’s horses, cowhands, pasture, even their foreman, but you could never borrow their cook. 

– Tim Edwards


Chuckwagon Cowboy

Chuckwagon Cowboy

It’s bacon and beans most every day. 
I’d just as soon be eatin’ that prairie hay.

 From “Chisholm Trail” Traditional Cowboy song

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