Ghosts of Cripple Creek, Colorado

Knowing Tesla’s genius was in electricity and lighting, we both felt satisfied that this was his way of saying he was there, and “welcome to my home.”  The light disappeared as quickly as it appeared, and we drove home satisfied we had found the house we were looking for…. with a little help from Mr. Tesla.


Charles Byrne, Denver, Colorado, October, 2007


Cripple Creek, Colorado today by Kathy Weiser.

Cripple Creek, Colorado today by Kathy Weiser.

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2 thoughts on “Ghosts of Cripple Creek, Colorado”

  1. Yay my old home has been advertised in this article. Nikolai Tesla along with Linda Goodman lived in the house that everybody speaks of. My parents purchased it and made it a bed and breakfast called The Last Dollar Inn. I went to high school there and my parents sold the bed and breakfast as a turn key operation a few years after I graduated. I would never go into the Bed and Breakfast alone because of the horrible feelings I would get and the odd-ball noises. There’s a lot of history to that house and now that I’m older I would love to own it.

  2. It is easy to believe mystical events when sleeping in rooms of building materials over 100 years old as memories drift along side you as you sleep. If you wake at night but don’t move, you may hear old fire bells and wagons coming down the street. A slight beautiful lady, dressed in memories may shake on your shoulder and her voice warn you to “wake” might echo in your mind. Do you smell roses ?

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