Battle of Union Gap, Washington

Yakama and Colvelle Reservation Indians, about 1910.

Yakama and Colville Reservation Indians, about 1910.

The second engagement of the Yakima War, the Battle of Union Gap, also called the battle of Twin Buttes, was fought on November 9 and 10, 1855, between the U.S. Military and the Yakama Indians.

Just a few days after the Battle on the White River, in the Yakima Valley, Major Gabriel Rains and his troops discovered Chief Kamiakin’s village of around 300 braves and several women and children encamped along the Yakima River. For two days, a battle was waged while the women and children were able to escape across the icy Columbia River. Though the skirmish lasted for two days, only one soldier was killed. In the end, the Yakama warriors were forced to retreat. Chief Kamiakin then gathered all his people and led them to White Bluffs on the Columbia River,

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