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With many Swedish roots embedded in mid-western civilisation, America is not indifferent to the land of Swedish herring and Ikea. Sweden has yet another worldwide business to offer the americans; Barnebys. Swedish online auction platform Barnebys features an enormous selection from the american market on our US website. From Americana to Andy Warhol, we’ve got it all.

The website

Today, most auctions take place online to gain not only a larger audience but also to reach people of all ages and backgrounds. However, the digitalisation of the auction world has caused some problems too, with all the different auctions having only been available through separate websites. Barnebys has aimed to resolve this nuisance by collectively organizing all items off online auctions through separate categories on one single online platform, and redirecting you straight to the auction houses’ website with one simple click. Since Barnebys was founded six years ago, it has featured over 50 million objects on its site and 1,500 auction houses and dealers as affiliates.

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Whether you are a beginner to the world of auction or a regular bidder, this auction platform invites individuals of any age or knowledge of the art market to join the hunt for their beloved and desired treasures that stretch far further than your local flea market or any other online auction platform.

Not only does the site focus on auction, Barnebys also publishes weekly articles, reporting on both auction and art worlds and actively keeping the world updated, from the latest auctions to keep an eye on, to knowledge based articles on observations of the auction world or on individual artists alone. So if you want to brush up on some auction facts and figures or just out of interest, this aspect of the website is also incredibly useful for the average bidder.

The auction world

You don’t have to be an art connoisseur or an antique specialist to bid for quality goods on auction. What was once regarded as a hub for the wealthy and the upper class, Barnebys has opened the doors of the auction world and made it simpler and much more accessible. As one of the world’s leading search engine for art, antiques and collectibles around the world, on Barnebys you’ll find hundreds of online auctions you can actively bid on from your computer wherever you are.

Image courtesy of Bukowskis

The auction experience is a personal and exciting journey in search for a sought-after find or just to continue collecting. Either way, you are promoting the sale of rare and precious second hand quality goods, which is a refreshing thought in the throw-away industry that dominate our lives today. Worried about fakes and counterfeits? You can rely on the authenticity of each and every item on the website as auction houses conduct brand-specific and detailed authentication processes before a sale.

Collectibles and memorabilia

Memorabilia associated with all aspects of American culture is a particularly large commerce on the website. With the many auction houses specializing in americana listed with Barnebys, finding collectibles from across the country couldn’t be easier. Whether its rare minted US coins, signed sports merchandise or American literature or art you’re after, you can find whatever you are looking for among the hundreds of items on the website tailored to your specific searches.

Image courtesy of Grey Flannel Auctions

Furthermore, with the advantage of collectively displaying items from online auctions onto one website, the site offers the unique opportunity to explore the wider spectrum of the global auction market. On the site, you can scour for hours, for example, memorabilia and Americana available on Barnebys website in the Collectibles category. Route 66, the Yankees, cowboys and Cadillacs, the range of Americana across all price ranges stretches far beyond the imagination of what is available out there on the market.

Above all, Barnebys appeals particularly to those who are nostalgic and are lovers of history. With antiquity, you not only reap the benefits of its long term use and beauty, but also the history it carries with it, where the real beauty lies. Owning items from past generations that possess a special history is truly magic, as it has the power to transcend you into another time.


With buying and selling through auction, you are in fact supporting the effort in promoting sustainability, which is more important now than ever. Items on auction such as antiques are usually quality goods that have survived for generations and are built to last. This is a key aspect of the goal to reach a younger crowd to start bidding at auction, which Barnebys is keen to promote by making the auction experience far easier and faster.

The website is also useful for those who lead busy lives and feel that ordering a newly produced dining table online seems a lot simpler and cheaper. Kids to pick up from school, essay deadlines, grocery shopping, the thought of buying at auction is something some might assume nobody has the time or effort for. Though it does seem ironic to purchase something that is not made to last and find yourself spending more money as a result of needing to replace it every couple of years in the long run, rather than spending a bit more cash on the items that do!


Had a rummage through the attic and found something interesting? Be it a family heirloom, a vintage handbag or a forgotten piece of jewellery, Barnebys is happy to help you sell. Knowing the current market value of your items is the first step for anyone considering selling their items at auction. Usually sellers can find free appraisal services or stopping by their local auctioneer to get their items evaluated, but few of them are not quite as comprehensive as Barnebys. Barnebys experts represent the foremost specialists in their respective fields and have decades of experience. With this service the seller will know what prices to expect to achieve for their items in the auction room.

Image: Barnebys

Attempting to make an assessment yourself is a risky undertaking that can easily result in an error. Save yourself the time and the risk by uploading images and sending in a description of your item and Barnebys appraisal service can give you an expected market value for your goods as well as an estimated value within 48 hours. In addition, an appraisal executed by experts will significantly increase your credibility as a seller.

Image: Barnebys

Start bidding!

It’s an exciting time for the auction world as its bidding audience has grown exponentially and more diverse over the years, and Barnebys aims to attract more people from all corners of the earth to start bidding on pre-loved treasures for very reasonable prices. With our service you can bid to your heart’s content, from old records to star-signed posters and photographs, which will not only save you from endless store browsing and individual website searches, but you will also be making a purchase that supports sustainability and a built-to-last ethos. To check out Barnebys UK, just click here.

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