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Outhouses of the American West

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Outhouse Vintage Postcard


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No, we're not kidding! 

Outhouses were, after all, very much a part of the American West.  Actually, to be more succinct, they're part of all history.  However, these old structures, in all their glory, are quickly becoming extinct.  We just couldn't help but add a little something about these important Western Icons!  'Sides, we took a whole bunch of pictures of these "necessaries," which were also referred to as privies, toilets, loos, thrones, and crappers.

While doing a little traveling around the Web World, we were surprised to find there are apparently a whole lot of people who like to read and/or write about Outhouses.  We found outhouse tours, outhouse jokes, outhouse races, outhouse books, and lots of outhouse pictures!  Hmm, perhaps we're not so impaired.  We'll let you decide as you check out the Outhouse Links


To Westerners, the outhouse had always seemed a fitting memorial to the ingenuity and practicality of their founders, those restless, imaginative spirits who first caught the scent of opportunity in the Western breeze.


-- Silver Donald Cameron,

Outhouses of the West





My uncle lowered and angled a long board down the hole and the cat climbed unhurt, but stinky, to safety. 


I'm not sure who was in the most danger,

me or the cat.

-- Ray from Prairie Skeletons Webpage.



Beach Outhouse

Beach Outhouse courtesy Outhouse Graffiti

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