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Advertising on Legends

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Why advertise on Legends of America?

  • Legends of America AdvertisingLegends of America recieves nearly 1/2 million visitors a month and averages over 1.2 million nibtgkt page views. (as of June, 2015)

  • On Legends of America, you're targeting a marketing demographic that includes fans of the Old West, Route 66, Native Americans, Ghost Towns, ghost stories and anyone else with a love of American History and Legends. 

  • Legends of America has built a loyal following since 2003, with numerous awards including Yahoo Picks, Worldstart Cool Site, Best Of The Web, and several more. Additionally, we are proud to be recognized as a "Family Friendly Site."

  • Legends of America ranks in the top 10 for many search terms related to the Old West, Route 66, Ghost Towns, Outlaws, Lawmen, American Legends, and more.

  • Each month, Legends of America averages over 350 Thousand Visits, and over 1 Million page views. Based on data from Alexa and our Fan Base on Facebook, our audience is comprised of about 60% female, 40% male, with the largest portion between the ages of 45 and 64, and an annual income of $30k-$100k. 76% of our visitors are from the USA.

  • We use technology from Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP Small Business) by Google to serve ads on our top visited pages and new additions.  This allows us to provide you, the advertiser, the ability to target your audience even more.  Want to reach visitors reading stories about the Old West, we can show your ads only to those visitors on our top Old West related pages.  We can also focus advertising based on location (for instance, USA only), and/or you may purchase a "Run of Site" ad to run on all our top pages. (Wanting to advertise on a specific page not using DFP technology? Rates are based on running 12 month average monthly page views, for that specific page, at time of purchase).

  • For More information See: Legends Media Kit

Ad Type & Rates (rates as of 8/26/2012 and subject to change)


CPM = Cost Per Thousand Page Views (*see discounts and example below rates)

ATF = guaranteed Above The Fold


728x90 Banner
$10 CPM ATF (top middle)

160x600 Skyscraper
$10 CPM ATF (Right Side)

160x300 (custom)
$9(Right side, no ATF guarantee)

300x250 Box
$6 CPM BTF (Below the Fold, toward or at bottom of pages)

Text Link Ads**
$2 CPM (no ATF guarantee)


*Save 15% on 50,000+ page views/impressions
*Save 25% on 75,000+ page views/impressions
*Save 50% on 100,000+ page views/impressions


Formula - (number of impressions/page views divided by 1,000) x $CPM, (minus discounts if applicable)



Example: If you purchased a 728x90 Banner Ad for $100 to be placed on our Old West pages, your advertisement would be seen by 10,000 Visitors. These 10,000 impressions, or page views, can be delivered in 1 month, or over several months, your choice (minimum 2 week run). You may also change your advertisement creative during the ad run purchased (on runs over 2 weeks).

Discounts Example: We provide discounts for purchases of 50,000 page views and over. So, on a 728x90 or 160x600 Ad, instead of $500 for 50,000 page views, you only pay $425.  Purchase 100,000 page views and save 50% (only $500)

**NOTE - Text link ads appear in approved ad space only, we do not accept advertising links within our primary content/stories


Newsletter - $70 per issue. Text or Image ad. Our newsletter currently has over 7,000 subscribers and is also read on-line. Approximate ad size = 180x175.
  • All ads have active links, however have a machine readable notation indicating they are advertisements in accordance with search engine policies. 

  • Pick your ad size, provide your own ad, and if you need help, we'll create the ad for you.

  • No ads will be accepted on our home page.

  • Advertising that directly competes with our website products will not be accepted.

  • Other size ads may be considered, but in no case, will we allow text links within our primary content.

  • Contact us so that we can put together a custom advertising package for your business. Email us or call 660-723-2550.


Ad Size Examples


Legends' General Store

728x90  Banner Ad


Legends of America Advertising

300x250 Box Ad





 Visit Legends' General Store, Legends' Retail Outlet

160x300 Custom Skyscraper Ad


Legends Photo Prints include vintage and new photos

160x600  Skyscraper Ad


 Text Link Ad

 Your Ad Here


For additional information and pricing please email us or call 660-723-2550.


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Updated July, 2016.


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