Zuni Legends

Zuni Pueblo, NM-Edward S. Curtis, 1903

Zuni Pueblo, NM, Edward S. Curtis, 1903.

The Beginning of Newness

The Corn Maidens

Origin of the Raven and the Macaw

The Origins of the Totems and of Names

The Men of the Early Times

Search for the Middle & the Hardening of the World

Zuni Witchcraft


The Zuni Indians of today are one of 19 original tribes that once inhabited the area that is now called New Mexico and Arizona. The Zuni tribe is said to have originated from the Ancient Puebloans, a large society that encompassed large amounts of land, riches, and many distinct cultures and civilizations. The Zuni people are, in a way, a mysterious tribe. Their culture is very reclusive and isolated, much as is their city and their language. They are a very interesting people who are well known for their beautiful artwork, sculpture, and dishware. The Zuni are one of the few fortunate tribes who have managed to keep their ways of life the same throughout the years despite the westward push of the European immigrant settlers, the Mexican-American War, and the rough treatment they endured during all of the conflicts that they dealt with.

Their spiritual beliefs center around elaborate ceremonies for fertility and rain, comprised of a yearly cycle of ritual dances by masked dancing gods called Kachinas.

Grinding medicine--Zuni, edward s. curtis, 1925

Zuni Healer grinding medicine, Edward S. Curtis, 1925.

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